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Finally some good news (I hope)
After 3 months of separation and one contact centre visit a social worker turned up at my parents house today and asked them if they would be willing to "supervise" me spending time with my daughter at their house but stressed one of them has to come with me if I go out with her. Seems they have utterly changed tack on this issue, still hardly perfect but a good sign as to how the Section 7 is going to go. 

For interim contact all I managed to get was contacted arranged by childrens services, it seems they are finally sorting me out some contact in a natural setting. I hope it happens and it isnt just promises and hot air like we usually get from them.
That is good news, but that is really supported contact. Your parents aren't professionals in a professional setting which is even better news for you really ; ie, no report goes to court and you can feel relaxed in the company of your oldies. Above all, it all seems natural to the children.
Of course one of my parents can come to my own house so I can have contact in my own home with her. I feel the tide is turning finally. The parenting assessments for the Section 7 have been going well though I got a bit stuck on a question on how I respond to arguments, I really didn't understand the question and kept getting accused of blaming my ex. I said well if I didn't think things were her fault I wouldn't have broken up.
Nice to see some good news for a change...well done Bobby...

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