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Discharging a non mol
6 months ago my ex got one ex parte, I saw a solicitor who suggested consenting to it but asking for a variation to be allowed to text about contact which is what I did and the judge went along with that.

Contact has broken down now and the other day I sent a message asking about contact, next thing I knew two coppers were at the door and arrested me. After four hours in a cell someone opened the door and said I was going home. "de arrested".

I knew all along I had only texted about contact, it seems my ex got the message and rang the police to say I had texted her. They arrested me, then went to her house and saw the message and decided to release me. The fact the police will behave like that just on her word scares the shit out of me now.

Is it too late to change my mind and demand a full hearing where she has to prove the reasons for order. Given the "evidence" she has put forward during the CAO I doubt she has much to offer or will they say because I consented at the time it is valid for the whole year?
Ex parte I assume is a non - molestation order for 1 year. Naturally if your ex rings up even if you done nothing wrong they will show up and arrest you and lock you up until they find out whats going on which they did. That will be noted though you was only texting about contact.

You should now go to mediation if you haven't already and if ex doesn't appear fill out a c 100 for contact. just cause you got a non-molestation order you will still be able to see your kids maybe through a 3rd party or a contact centre.. The time it even gets to court and possibility of several hearings your non-molestation order will be finished anyway or very close to. You can still text about contact as well , but make sure you don't do anything other than that as that will play into her hands

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