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Hi Folks, new to the forum.
Just after some info please,

I've been separated from my ex for 3 yrs and moved out of the family home 3 yrs ago too, We have 2 children together. I'm back living at my parents at the moment.

It wasn't a nasty separation - nobody was knocking on etc.

family home= ex put a 30k deposit into it, me nothing. I have a house that i rent out ( had it before we met = I have about 40k equity in it) so about equal monies in different ways.
I don't have much in a pension etc or savings.

I'm thinking its about time I filed for divorce. What is the process's through the gov website?
If I file for divorce - what paperwork will she receive? I'm not saying she would but could she come after my rented property?
When does the sorting out of finances come in to it? Will she get paperwork saying do you want to make any claims of monies/property/savings etc? OR would she have to get a solicitor involved? SORRY to sound dumb but Im not sure of the process?
Help please!

Thank you

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