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I have been living with in London with my ex girlfriend now and we have a 3 year old daughter together. One day I came from work I found the house is empty she was gone then when I called her phone she picked up and say oh sorry I forgot to tell you I left to my Mums in Peterborough I was shocked. That was in April this year when she left so I have been traveling up and down to pick my daughter up for the weekends or I spend weekend there 

But today her mother came in the house when I was there which she never done before so I was in the living room with my daughter playing as she came in they went to the room discussing about something when they came out my ex came out of the blue saying that I need to start paying her child support or she will refuse to let me see my daughter the next thing I heard from her mother is we are going to take her to Portugal and I will never see her again so I got upset I told her who are u to talk to me like that about my daughter and another thing I heard from my ex is I feel like killing you with a knife in your sleep and she slapped me really hard at that pint I had to call the Police. when the police came I explained to them what had happen so they wanted me to press charges I refused.

 So I need help with what to do to prevent my daughter being taken away to Portugal  because my daughter is born here I was born in Zambia and my ex was born in Portugal. I want to keep the Grand mother away from my daughter she is interfering my relationship with my daughter and making  threats...I really really need help please I dont know what to do at the moment
Whatever you may feel now or Sedgebrook then, you should have said you would have wanted to support the police prosecution. However you feel, you might just be surprised just how many men will wear that they didn't know their exes half as well as they thought when they start claiming eveything and anything, DV, rape, coercion etc.

Someone else will come here to advise you about the rest, but for now I think it best you go to the police say you've changed your mind and you want to prosecute. It's important for your case, your children and it's wrong that you've been treated like that.

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