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Rights after order
Following a court order, anything to stop me attending my kids birthday party on ex's weekend. Been told not to go but little one wants me to
stuff her if you have pr,, i think you can go,,, babys interest,,, sorry if im wrong,, sombody will no,, on here
Probably would be a bad idea. I don't go to mine unless invited which never happens. Its wrong but what can you do if its not on your day you meant to have them. If their mum had kids best interest to heart then yes you should be able to turn up. unfortunately they dont
My ex sometimes turns up at any event in my time and me hers... its about the kid not about us (although she thinks its about her!)

Must admit last time i turned up she assigned one of her friends to 'keep an eye on me' which was hilarious... i told the friend as she had no legal parental responsibility for me or my kids she has no authority to supervise either... she looked shocked!

In your case, depends what your court order says about special days ... who's day is it... any provision for special days like hand over at 12pm.
Follow the court order ... if its the kids birthday, then it should be specific, if not you might need to hold your own birthday party for her on your weekend.
For birthdays so far we have booked a venue and both turned up worked together to make it a great event for the kid.
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"

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