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Next Steps in contact - refusal
Hi All,

back story: i broke with my ex at the end of 2010, my daughter was 6 months old, i maintained contact fora  few months but it was made extremely difficult with only supervised contact for a few hours. i was in the army at the time and away alot. i spent alot of money on solicitors and got no where, i decided not to push it anymore as i was at a point of suicide. 

last year my ex got in contact saying my daughter had been asking after me and would i like to see her. i jumped at the chance and made contact she is now 7.

for the last year contact has gone weell and progressed from a few hours at the weekend to the whole day. this is still only once a month due to distance (4 hours away on a good run). 

my daughter is asking to see me more and sleep over but her mother will not allow it. 

how do i got about trying to get more contact with over nights and days in the holidays. 


Peter. You're probably going to need the court route and maybe try mediation first. Someone else will advise on that. For now though, can I ask that you change your username? Hate to be picky but given the nature of this site it's best you remain anonymous.

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