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Going to court
Hi all,

New post time.

I have been to mediation with my expartner, it didn't really go well for her as she had no real explanation to why she wont let me see my daughter.

After 6 weeks of offering for her to see the house, meet my friends and do any checks needed. She said she needed time to think. I told her this was unacceptable because the same offer had been on the table since 18/10/17 with no response, just hostility.

After speaking with the mediator about court and arbitration processes, she finally agreed to take me up on my offer. However, since then, she has invited the rest of her family to view my new home. I advised this was unacceptable and the invitation was to her and not her family. Unfortunately now, she refuses to see the address and accuses me of putting her in this situation.

Unbelievable really seeing as im the one NOT seeing my daughter frequently at the moment.

Tomorrow i am putting in the court papers and wanted to ask a couple of things and understand that there are no exact answers, just wanted a round-abouts answer.

- How much are the court costs likely to be to start? (money is no issue, but its a good idea to be prepared)
- Can i have my daughter overnight in the time being (Currently decided not to as i believe she will stop access to seeing her all together)
- Rough league times for the first hearing and how long the whole process has been in your situation.
- Anything you think i should know or look out for?

You guys have been so helpful to me over the past few weeks and really appreciate the advice given so far.
You'll need to get mediation signed off with a deadlock letter before going to court.

- Costs are £215 for the C100 application, which is for a court order to see your child. You need the form in triplicate sent to the nearest family court to where your kids live.
- Timescales? Depends a bit on the court, also whether magistrates or judge (busier). I wouldn't expect good get in on less than a month. How long the whole process? Could be done in just a couple of Hearings but depends on your ex, her personality and how much she wants to prevent you seeing your children. My case is currently at 18 plus months and 9 hearings.
- Look out for? Avoid her like the plague. However much you think you know them...... more accused me of DV amongst other things.
- If you get a judge, seize that opportunity!

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