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Need help!
This is abit of a long story I will try keep it brief. I have broken up with my partner she was arrested for domestic violence and my son was handed to me. This is when I am kicking myself upon her release her and her family poked and prodded swore I would see my son so I handed him back then they have all blocked me my ex I said constantly harassing me with photos of him saying I cannot see him enjoy missing him grow up and showing me someone who will be his new dad apparently. I have kept all of this and i have entered a C1A and C100 form into the court today and with all the madness which has happened her arrest attempt of suicide attacking me with a knife as i had hold of my son he ruled it non urgent till the 18th of January. Child services are involved and I  didn't get a look in she was more concerned about speaking to mum then going on holiday. What can I do? I have done nothing wrong whatsoever yet I'm not allowed to see my boy.

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