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Wish me luck, off to court today
A final hearing in front of a bench? Has she complied with orders?
Thanks im starting to get pretty pissed off with all this rubbish. It seems that i just have to accept not seeing my daughter on her 1st birthday (Friday) and Christmas and not get angry about it. Just sit by and let the mother think that she is just going to carry on the way she is and get away with it (which she is doing).

Also i have just received my court order for the next hearing through the post. The date has changed and is now different to the one i was given when i left court. When i left last time i was given the order with the date of the 5th January for the next hearing. This one has the date as the 11th January. Having spoken to the court they just said that is the confirmed date and know nothing of the original date i was given.

Is this normal or is there something wrong here?

It also mentions being passed to a judge as it appears to be a case of intractable contact. What does that mean and how will it effect the proceedings?
Hi just thought i would update this.

I emailed the court regarding their mistake regarding the next hearing. Despite phoning them and getting nowhere and not really expecting them to do anything they have sent me an email today apologising. They said it was a typo and they would get a amended court order out asap.

All well and good, at least my next hearing is a week closer. Although i dont expect the ex to turn up again i have no doubt she will see this as the perfect excuse as to why she couldnt attend. If she bothers to acknowledge the court this time that is.

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