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Wish me luck, off to court today
Im about to leave to the court and am a little nervous and apprehensive about what the outcome will be given the mothers hostility towards me having any contact with my daughter. Although the Section 7 report seems to be pretty ok with regards to getting contact im still a little worried about what the magistrates will do. Im not sure i trust the system too much but hey wish me look. I will let you know how i get on later.
Best of luck mate, really hope you get everything you want, and the best for your daughter.
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Good Luck my friend - remain calm at all times - wish I ever took my own advice.
Really hope things turn out well today
Good luck bro....hope all goes well
Good luck hope it goes well!
Late in the day now (just in from work) but good luck!
Well this pretty much went as i expected. The ex didnt turn up again (2nd time) so i have just spent 5 hours in court waiting for them to say that they need to give her one more chance to turn up and help make contact possible. They need to see if there is a chance that she will follow a court order.

The ex didnt even tell the court she wasnt going to be turning up this time and has basically ignored them and treated them with contempt. They were reluctant to issue a contact order despite cafcass recommendations saying that contact needed to happen and a court order for it to be made. They focused on the part that said the parents need to come to an arrangement in order to make contact happen in the best interests of our daughter. Something she clearly is not going to do and has no intention of doing.

So they are giving her one more chance to turn up, this time on January 5th which means i dont get to see my daughter on her 1st birthday or christmas. They have made an order for the final hearing that if she does not turn up again an order will be made in her absence. I also asked for position statements to be ordered as they have never asked for one. All allegations have been unproven so im not sure what she will put in her statement (if she bothers to even acknowledge the court this time), apart from she doesnt want me to see them.

So the wait goes on for no other reason than to try and appease the mother who is denying contact.
You say 'them', which i presume means you had a Bench?

If they don't make the order on 5th January, you need the matter moved to Tier 2, ie, booted up to a District Judge. Your case sounds a lot like mine except my ex didn't turn up for a lot more Hearings than that.

You need a judge and if it's a good judge you need to ensure judicial continuity (ie, keep the same judge) throughout the case.

On the most personal level, I too have been denied their birthday and Christmas this year. Your case is so similar to mine, you should feel free to pm me if you have any questions. There are a few traps you need to avoid.
Sh1t dude, that must be so frustrating - surely her lack of attendance must go in your favour???

Put the Christmas cheer and birthday celebrations on hold, save them for when you have your daughter, whether that's in January, February, March...whenever...she's young enough to not know, but you and the rest of your own family can enjoy that time with her.
dam charlie your ex sounds very simlar,, , me to mate missed birthday,, now xmas,, chi, im having 3 lay justics? final hearing??? its just shit what so called mummys do,, to dads that want to be there

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