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getting very fed up.
so beginning with my previous posts as NOTHING has gone right for my partner since beginning his court proceedings back in November 2015.. he did see his daughter 6times in a contact centre and all went good had all the CAFCASS reports and checks passed all and had contact every weekend which should of gradually built up to every other weekend from Friday to sunday evening.

But as you can guess the dragon (ex) has never allowed him to take her from her car when they meet which is on neutral grounds (without any of mothers family present) -courts requests!

The little one was fine in the contact centre playing with her dad telling him about school and her favourite things to do and inviting him over to play on her trampoline so obviously not a nervous little girl who is petrified of her dad as her mother and her family and friend says.

its gone back to court 4-5times in the last year and now he has gone back to the contact centre to start again for 3 sessions and then he may have her every sunday and that would gradually build up to every other weekend.. but every time she has gone she is crying petrified of her dad? and he hasn't seen her properly for months only from the window of her car when they meet? he is due back in court on the 11th of December and the judge had said it is the final order but how on earth can he get anywhere when mother has obviously damaged the little one so much she is to scared to see her dad? this weekend is the last contact centre session and its obviously not going to go well..

we don't have a solicitor for financial reasons but had a MKenzie friend who cant help any longer for health reasons so these forums and "google" are literally our only hope. we have a 2 year old son together who is also missing out on his big sister who lives literally across the road from us and eventualy will be in the same school together.

he has also asked for the order to be enforced but nothing has happened and he has asked for someone to be present at handover to see exactly what she is like she doesn't speak she doesn't help the little one or encourage her she is a nasty horrible woman and we have no idea what to do. 

if anyone has past experience or any idea what the next steps are please help us out. thank you in advance.
It might be an idea to get some legal advice - a free half hour. Do you have an interim order? If so it is being breached. I don't think you can enforce it right now when there is a final hearing due - but at the final hearing you could make the case that the Mother is not making child available as she should and you have concerns that child is being turned against you, due to her change in behaviour recently. I am not an expert - read up whatever you can. But it might be that if new things come to light there can be a further hearing, and this final hearing is not the final one. It depends what you ask for at it maybe. It might be possible to ask the court to appoint a guardian for child due to concerns of parental alienation and to help facilitate contact taking place. But as I said I'm not an expert - I just picked up things here and there - but every case is different.

Otherwise, just keep a record of all the contact that has not taken place that should have, and have a position statement and a timeline ready for the hearing.

You probably don't have time now - possibly - but I just read Karen Woodall's new book on parental alienation and there is a whole chapter on how to negotiate the court system. It is really helpful. Not as detailed as "Family Court with a Lawyer" which is also a good guide. But it has lots of info that I didn't know about what is the best kind of evidence, what to expect, what to ask for/aim for. That kind of thing.

So - to be clear - you have had a number of hearings. Your partner was seeing child every other week-end but that stopped. You tried to enforce the court order, and that has led to more hearing? Is that right?

He should be trying to get a defined order as well. Just try and prepare for this hearing and get an enforceable defined order.

This is "Family Court without a lawyer" you can download it on a kindle or laptop so you'll have time to read through a fair bit.

This is Karen Woodall's new book (she's a parental alienation expert). Mine only took a few days to arrive. It's not cheap though. But if you have time to read even that one chapter it can help - even if you don't have the legal expertise it helps you understand what is achievable, how to go about it and how to set things out for a hearing. There's a very good example of timeline type thing in it, that is concise and easy for the Judge to get the picture from. Just copy it and fill in your own details.

I find it easier to get things across on paper than verbally, so a well worded concise position statement and timeline could do a lot of the talking for you. But you need to know what you want from it. I'd have thought the argument would be - Mother is not supporting child spending time with Father. She doesn't make the child available by keeping her in the car rather than handing her over or allowing you to go and collect her. You have big concerns that child is under emotional and psychological pressure to reject you now and have concerns for her wellbeing in this respect and wish regular every other week-end time to commence as soon as possible.

Do you know what the Mother's arguments are? Do you have anything in writing from her - emails etc - about not allowing child to come or what her reasons are?
I think a solicitor is needed now more than ever as its gone way to far. its just the financial side to it.

Thankyou for all the information we will certainly read it Smile

as for mothers argument - we strongly believe that she is jealous of the fact dad had moved on and had another baby (our 2year old son) she is very childish and her and her family are very controlling (I know I would say that seeing as she is the ex) she lives with her parents who pay for her barrister and solicitor's so money for her is no object. her mother has brought the little one up not her and for that very reason her family are not allowed near the handover point. He explained to the judge last time in court that mother doesn't move out of the car at handover and she was quite disgusted but obviously had no evidence. he has thought about taking a secret camera and filming what she does but would that be illegal?

We do have many texts saying She wont get in the car. she has sent us a video of the little one hiding under the table crying saying no. he also has previous messages from her before he started court when we first got together saying he cant have her because he didn't tell her he was home on a Thursday instead of a Friday (he was in the army) its very childish.

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