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Supervised Visits?
Hi, I'd really appreciate some advice on my current situation.

So my ex left out of the blue last December (said she was unhappy). Six weeks ago I find out she actually left me for another man and has been lying about it this whole time. She even told my kids about him and instructed them not to tell me.

I lost my cool and hit her in front of the children. I really regret doing it and have admitted my guilt in court. I have never done anything like this before and have no desire to ever do it again.

Social services became involved and advised my ex to hold onto the children. I went along with this and have been seeing them for four hours a week, with my parents present.

Now that the court case is over I want to get back to having my children unsupervised again. I am the primary parent and have had them 60% of the time since we split.

I called social services to confirm that there were no court orders to prevent this happening, and they assured me there were none.

I am currently not permitted to contact my ex (understandable) so I asked my parents to ask her about picking the children up from school on Friday. She said this can't happen, claiming social services have told her I'm not allowed to see them on my own.

I have received no confirmation of this from social services (they have never even phoned me). I am not a danger to my children and have never laid a finger on either of them. They're really upset that they can't see me and just want to come home.

What can I do?

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