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feeling a little lost..
My partner of 4years has a 5year old daughter with a crazy woman.. to cut a long story short..
My partner was in the army, his ex fell pregnant a month after the little one was born he had to go to afghan for 9months. Little did he know she ended it that was that..

we started seeing eachother a few months after but on the quiet and after a year it came public. He was seeing his daughter now and again on HER rules for example a hour on a Saturday morning and was only allowed to his sisters house and she would sit outside in the car waiting. I fell pregnant and it all came to a stop he wasn't allowed near the little one.
he came out of the army in 2015 when our son was born and tried his best had one day with his daughter and that was that. we were in the process of buying a house and having a new baby so he didn't start court proceedings until Nov 2016.
Once the ball was rolling he went to a contact centre the beginning of the year for 6weeks and at first understandably she was shy and a bit wary after the 3rd session she was brilliant with him. CAFFCASS were also involved and came to the house everything was fine the did a report on how the contact was doing and it was all good! the first contact on his own was a disaster as his ex told the little girl that she SHOULDNT go on her own with daddy make sure you see mammy but as you can imagine it was just him, her and her whole family, that happened a few times before it went back to court and he raised the issues because there was no evidence they couldn't do anything but they did issue a new court order that stated she had to meet him alone with no family present. also in the CAFCASS report they said that her family were always present and giving the wrong vibe towards dad for the little one.

now nearly a YEAR gone he is no better off every week he has met her she refuses to let the girl go infact she meets him in the car at our local park does not get out of the car (she has a 3door car) opens the window and tells the girl to say she doesn't want to come sometimes the little one wont look at her dad and puts her head down.
its gone back to court 5-6times they haven't said anything to the mother just try harder blah blah its now back at the contact centre where he is on his last session and not once has he been left in the room with her as she's so scared of him and cries its impossible and mother just holds her like a baby and cuddles her saying its ok just go in for 5 minutes.
we are at our whites end and its getting ridiculous that nothing has been done sooner and doesn't feel like were getting any better off! we live a village apart and our son and her will eventually be in the same school together and have no idea they are brother and sister.

we have no solicitor as its so expensive and to be totally honest I would be very peed off if I had to pay a solicitor a years worth of cash and still be no better off.
sorry in advance for the big moan but surely someone out there has been or known someone to be in this situation before! many Thanks to anyone who reads our story.

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