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Need advice
I'm 21, and having issues with the ex not letting me see my son. 

My son was born in 2013 (Didn't know she was pregnant until she was 8 months), I had seen him a few times around 4 years ago. Me and my ex-girlfriend separated in 2012 before I knew she was pregnant. I was present at the time the birth certificate was signed. We had arranged visitations (Not by law), but there was almost always a reason why I couldn't see him, (e.g. He was ill, she was ill, she had over plans...). The visitation stopped when I had college and was unable to go, she accused me of lying and stopped visitation. 

When I started dating my current girlfriend, the ex tried to cause more problems. When we did have contact with each other, I'd ask how my son is and all she would say is 'he's fine' and then complain that she's busy, or it's late (6-7 PM). I've had friends/family of hers say I'm a deadbeat. However, she denies me the right to see him. When I have tried to contacting her about visitation she said that she'll contact the police about harassment. That was the last time of contact was a little over 2 years ago.

She'd always try and start arguments over the internet. She has stated roughly 3 years ago that if I was not in a relationship with my current girlfriend, she'd maybe let me see him. She has also said 'Even if you were allowed to see him, you won't be left alone'. She has threaten to report me for child abuse in 2014, when the last time I saw him was 2013 with supervision of a social worker. She has had her friend message my girlfriend calling her horrible things. I have not been contacted by CMS or CSA for child support, and she has not made me pay. 

I'd like to see my son and want to know what to do about child support. Need some help in what I can do. (I'm on ESA).

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