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Utter Mess
Hello to everyone, and may I say its such a relief to find so much level headed advice in what's becoming a nightmare area.

I am looking for some advice or past experience for a situation one of my relatives finds himself in.

As this is an on going situation, I will refer to his ex as Miss A, him as Mr B, another relative as Mr c (close relation to Mr c) and myself Mr D

Long story short....Miss A and Mr B were in a relationship for just over two years, had got engaged and found they were to become parents.

About two months prior to the birth Miss A announces she no longer wants to be in the relationship.

Mr B is gutted, but accepts this and suggests they make contact at the birth.

Miss A sends text announcing birth of child A but refuses to allow Mr B to meet the child.

Mr B leaves things for two months to allow things to calm down, then (on CAB advice) sends polite letter asking for contact.

Miss A responds stating she wants Mr B to be part of child A's life, and they all meet up. Two weeks go by and they meet another 5 times.

Since the birth Mr B had taken advice from CMS as to maintenance levels. They assessed the level to be X. Mr B thought he could cut back and pay 2*X (thinking x to be a little low). 2*X has been paid each month.

After the two weeks, Miss A demands Mr B doubles the payment. Mr B is unable to do so, and Miss A blocks all contact.

Mr B then attends mediation as part of the route to access. Miss A states she will 'think about mediation'

Then, about a month ago, it all hit the fan......

Mr C and Mr D (myself) were at the same address when a court service agent arrives, accuses Mr C of being Mr B and serves Mr C with Mr B notice. Mr D suggests court server has limited intelligence which results in court agent grabbing Mr D by throat and throwing him back into a window. In the struggle, court agent gets a cut, and tells police Mr C attacked him. Mr C is arrested Mr D is left with his allegation being ignored and court agent disappears.

Two days later at court hearing, Mr B finds that the court agent reported to the court that Mr B had assaulted him and was in police custody. As a result, and due to the claims of Miss A, a non-mal order and a steps order were made without notice.

As Mr B was gob smacked, he volunteered to the court to extend the orders until after Christmas to enable further investigations.

Mr B also discovered Miss A had made accusations to the police. Mr B contacts police and arranges to attend an interview. He was not arrested but gave his account in response to Miss A rape claims.

Now we are upto date. Miss A has two orders in place against Mr B, Mr B is subject to a police investigation, wrongly accused of assault and unable to see his child. Mr C is still under investigation for assault, and Mr D has raised complaint with police regarding not looking at his assault (BTW, the incorrect service AND the assault are both captured on CCTV which has been supplied to the police and the court, as a complaint, not as part of Mr B's case)

We don't believe any of this will be sorted in time for the next hearing......

So, do we instruct a direct access barrister to represent Mr B at that hearing, which is scheduled for just 30 minutes, or should Mr B represent himself to request further delay to allow the issues to be concluded, then use the limited funds available to gain representation.

Look forward to any suggestions.


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