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Newly Separated - Need Advice Please

My story so far (il keep it as short as possible)

Recently separated (July 2017) after 11 years of marriage with two wonderful boys (8 &5).  I moved out after years/months of emotional abuse and threats.  The final straw was when my ex called the Police after she accused me of stealing her mobile phone.  

The Police were very good and they understood that my ex was just trying to intimidate me.  I moved out as I didnt want to put up with the constant arguing as it was having a massive impact on the children.

I sent my ex a proposed separation plan that detailed my wishes for contact with the children and also maintenance payments.  My ex refused to acknowledge the email and as we were on speaking terms she said she didnt recognise the agreement.

During this time I had regular contact with my boys and my ex and I were quite amicable.  

This all changed recently when my wife didnt receive and invitation to my brother wedding.  She feels she has been embarrassed in front of family and friends and has since refused any contact.  As the contact was agreed informally and now that she has blocked my calls there is no way for me to arrange to see the boys.

Just yesterday I received a letter from a Solicitor informing me that 'due to my threatening and aggressive behaviour' that my ex does not want to contact her and all contact be made through the Solicitor.  I phoned and explained that I need to understand where i am with regards to access to the children.  The Solicitor was polite enough and said she would take instructions from my still waiting for a callback.

I feel my ex and her family are trying to squeeze me as they have the money to drag this out through solicitors and the courts and trying to break my resolve.

I have contacted a Solicitor and have an appointment tomorrow.  As this is very new to me any advice on how to approach this situation and any advice on what to ask the Solicitor in my meeting would be greatly appreciated.
Hi sorry to hear what you are going through right now bro. You doing the right thing I think going to see a solicitor. Also maybe try mediation sometimes this help so court not needed I think. She might not come but might be worth a shot...but yes by the sounds of it legal advice is needed. I don't have the facts as I'm new to this shit aswell but I hope someone will come on and help you. Also look through old posts so much info on this site that should help a bit....good luck bro

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