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Court ordered mediation?
This seems all very shambolic.  After first hearing both parents to attend SPIP course, go to mediation to try and resolve or at least narrow the issues, then final hearing in a few months.  Done the SPIP course.  Had a letter from mediator asking me to make an appointment for a MIAM (another one - I already had one before making application).

Phoned to make the appointment and asked if mediator had seen a copy of my court application (citing false allegations with evidence and emotional abuse of child by Mother).  She said no - MIAM was to see if mediation is suitable and she doesn't see anything first.

Well court has decided it's suitable so how can she decide if it is or not?  So I now have to pay £80 to tell the whole story again in half an hour.  Just wondering if I can write first and say what the issues are as I'm not that good verbally on the spot.  Asked if the rest of mediation could happen after Christmas (worried that it might inflame things and ruin son's Christmas) and mediator said - depends what happens at MIAM.

Ex has already said in writing she will tell mediator I am a liar!
I’m no expert so just my thoughts! I’ve been to 2
MIAM’s now and they got nowhere.
Put everything in writing and take it with you. Read it out. Email it to them in advance and then see what they say. £80 is a lot of cash (that could be better spent on Christmas presents for the kids) but IF it can move forward through mediation it will save you 10’s of thousands in the end.
Of course, if your ex is like mine, mediation won’t do anything and then you’ll need to get them to let you go back to court.
I’m back for interim access hearing on Friday (hopefully the ‘heavy snow’ that’s forecasted won’t come before I get there!).
Thanks! I think that's a good idea.

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