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Any advice welcome Pls
Well as most of you may have read since the major banana made by the courts on the final hearing, a contested hearing with out the contesting and making a right pigs ear of the order where 1+1 =7, I appeal the order and get my permission to appeal granted ,Great I say, Things looking up considering I am the resident parent and primary carer for my son, well for now that is.

Appeal hearing date set for today. Great again as I can sort this mess out before my son becomes settled in to the upside down contact arrangement.

Behold, the Hearing has been postponed and then told will be in the next couple of months? So back to the drawing board.

I need to protect my son. Covered all aspects of preventative measures to shield from harm yet the system is blind siding me.

I then make attempts to run a emergency hearing, So Im completing the paperwork C2 while the admin pull up paperwork on the last order. I briefly explain the situation to him. 10 minutes later he comes back and tells me he has see the judge??? and that the matter will have to be dealt with at the appeal hearing?? hello its a emergency hearing regarding concerns around safeguarding ie Child abduction to remove my son out of the Uk to a non hague country etc with  some other concerns of neglect that has been evidenced, breach of order the list of a baby arm. Still no luck.

So I call back later explain the situ in full and I been advised to email the court and make it to the attention of the Judge as Urgent.
So im in the process of doing this. Prohibited steps and specific order.

with the headings Child abduction ,Domestic Violence and Contact disruptions all have evidence to back it up.
my main concern is the threats the ex has made to remove my son out of the UK as she has made 2 previous attempts to do so. This was of course ignored in court at the 4 hearings I had as well as the 7 police logs of common assault and 16 incidents of abuse, neglect and inappropriate language towards my son.

So Im hoping I can sort this out as I dont want progression of over night contacts to increase and then be told at the hearing your child is now settled in routine.

I have a few questions I need help with is anyone can comment it would be much appreciated.

1) The ex lives in a refuge as far as im aware  is 1 hour away by bus journey from his school and my home. She has 2 tea time contacts 3-5.30pm a week and takes him on that bus journey  every time and then not return him back where im having to collect him . The agreed contact venue is next to his school. Would you agree spending 1 hour on the bus is tiring for him and to return back home at 7 is not acceptable especially on a school week. He is 4 half yrs old.

2) Can the school refuse me to collect my son on the days mother has contact?? I am his resident and primary carer. The school have informed me that the court order states mother to have contact from school till etc on these days.

I had already informed the school that under not circumstance are they to release my son in to anyone elses care without my consent.

3) I dont know where my ex takes my son when he has this messed up court order where it states over night contact. Do I have rights to know as everytime this has happened ie over night contact my son is not aware and the ex does not tell me resulting in me calling the police to undertake a safe and well visit.
Lets see if I get success with my letter to the judge and a emergency hearing for a PSO.

I just dont understand how the system mentions the welfare of the child yet ignore it when they need to intervene. Fingers crossed get some good news.

Oh I put the solicitor on the side bench on this one.
They didnt think I has enough clout to get a PSO.
I think placing a child for overnight with a violent parent and repeated failures to return the child warrants my concerns especially with threats are made to remove the child out of UK
Hey... my opinion... just that ... get legal advice if you need more insight

1. Bus... you may not think its good parenting but being on a bus is not putting your child in danger so nothing you can do ... what the ex does with the kids in her time is up to her
2. School will follow a court order ... if it says mother has contact, why would they not follow it?
3. Again, overnight visit... unless you have real safety concerns ... your ex can take him where she wants (I know I know... but do you report to her where you take him every night he is with you? ) I don't think she has to tell you
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"

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