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Intetim contact hearing today
I had an interim hearing today about contact. It was ordered by the judge after our last hearing as the Cafcass report said I should have 50/50 (every other weekend - Friday to Monday + 2 nights in the week). At the last hearing it was only a direction hearing and the judge said their was not enough time to make an order unless agreed between the parties.

The ex said she wouldn’t budge from the 3 hours on a Monday and 6 hours on 2 out of 3 Sunday’s. Turned up today and we had magistrates- snow meant court was not running properly. They sad that as my ex had raised DV allegations (nothing put forward as to what and her previous attempt of accusing me resulting in NFA from police) they were not in a position to alter contact. (Total waste of money and the impact on the the children is so unfair)

The judge specifically set the hearing for today so that there could be an increase in contact before Christmas in the children’s best interests. I’m now faced with no additional weekly contact until final hearing in March (earliest) and I won’t be seeing the children at Christmas as she said she is taking them away for the holidays (I will see them on Christmas Eve + New Year’s Eve as these are Sunday’s but apparently they won’t be here on Christmas Day)

So, Christmas Day is a Monday- the court order says I have contact from 3 - 6 on Mondays - should insist they are available for contact? If I do and she doesn’t show up and bring them (she won’t, apparently she’s taking them 200 miles away to a relatives home) would that help me or would insisting look like I’m messing up the children’s Christmas?
I have something similar this year - final hearing not till March and she had already booked a week's holiday over the whole of Christmas. What does your order say about school holidays - anything? Or just every Monday. I think if she has a holiday booked then not much you can do before final hearing - other than to email and say as they won't be available on Monday you wish them to stay additional time at New Year instead, but she'll probably just say no. At least you will see them Christmas Eve. Make some plans for the week to keep busy. Sounds like you'll need to wait for a final hearing. It feels like a long wait doesn't it.

If you've already had Cafcass and a Directions hearing then magistrates should have ignored her assertion of DV. I guess you could appeal (not sure how) and ask for a further hearing with a District Judge, but it would probably be better to just get prepared for a final hearing.

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