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Error in Child Care Agreement
Little help and advice required

I have just updated my childcare agreement with my ex in line with the CSA calculator and her payemtn have reduced from £230 to £130 as we now have equal shared care (2 nights one week, 5 nights the next) sharing cost for schooling, clothes, toys, trips, basically everything

However I have just came accorss a 2 page document (CMSB041GB v003 (October 2013)) were it states that equal shared care should result in no payment between parents.

We update the agreement every 6 months and have just entered into the next 6 month period

Am I now snookered and have to pay her for the remainder of can I quote this document and get out of the payment without vreeching the agreement

Our agreement as its written below

Following the trial period (during this time there have been no issues) of having ********’s care split equally between us both (2 nights one week and 5 nights the following)
and the previous 6 month period ending 5/11/2017, applying the CSA calculator for the current agreement the monthly fee will reduce to £130. This will remain in place
until the end of that 6 month period and will be reviewed week ending 6th May 2018 unless the care package changes.

Much appreciate


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