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Off To Court!
Hi all,

I'm off to court in January 2018 representing myself, and am just wondering if you guys can bombard me with anything and everything I will need in preparation. The more info the merrier!

Thanks. (this website is a life saver!)
Research and prepare as much as you can so that you know everything that is likely to happen in court and how you will respond. As you already know, there’s plenty of good advice on these boards.

If you haven’t already got hold of them, buy some of the books that are written for people who are self-representing. Two that others on these boards have used, and that I relied on, are:

- ‘How to Represent Yourself in the Family Court’ by Jason M. Hadden & Rhiannon Davies
- ‘The Family Court without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person’ by Lucy Reed (a new edition was published in August). The author has also made some short films about what happens in the family court that are worth watching - you can find them on her website,
Jason Hadden , thank god he's representing me. Thumbs up to all the dads.

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