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At least I'll never do that again!
What do I miss least? Plenty to choose from! I sat down and wrote a ‘Reasons for Leaving’ list when I left, which I still reread every now and then to remind me that however difficult she has made life for me since, I will never, ever regret leaving her. But probably most annoying was her endless sponging off others (mostly me), so that she could have a self-indulgent lifestyle that was largely about reading books, watching films, sleeping, and having coffee with friends, while expecting someone else to pay for it all. I would have minded less if she could be bothered to do basic tasks such as keeping the house in a useable state – instead I would have to tidy up periodically because every surface had become covered in junk, knowing full well that within a few days it would be a total tip again because she couldn’t be bothered to put anything away. If she had a motto it would be “Can’t be arsed”.  Strangely enough, now that I’m not there to subsidise her lifestyle, she’s actually got herself a proper job at last.
The weird thing that I have is that despite being in the midst of divorce and separation from my kids, I forget that this life is still far better than the rubbish existence that I endured before.

Occasionally I'll remember something, and think "Christ, I used to put up with that!" And it'll shock me just how bad things used to be.

I could never go back. I like me too much
Lol like soon as you got away you cooked yourself and big fck off steak...nice one for the phone thing I get that aswell...won't miss that.
I'm beginning to worry that we've all been seeing the same woman as my ex was also a veggie! She wouldn't even tolerate the smell of meat being cooked so I used to have to sneak the bacon butty when she was out having that overly expensive "coffee with friends" gig. I could go on, the similarities are uncanny!

Seriously though phone glued to her hand, even when she went for a sh.... she'd be messaging somebody. No wonder newspaper circulation is dropping. Brutal!

I don't miss it and it's sad because I know she's not changed. The last time we sat down to talk about arrangements for our child she was doing the exact same thing, messaging somebody else an almost blow-by-blow account of our conversation, I'm just waiting for her to try and pull the same stunt at a child arrangements hearing.
I know it's up for me. If you steal my sunshine.  Cool

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