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Competency and privacy
Hi all,

I am a complete newby to posting here, however I have a long and hardened history regarding my one teen child (X). There is a lot of relevant history to this question, but rather than write an essay I will focus on the issue at hand without too much detail as it could easily lead to identification.

I have been alienated from X gradually over recent years. A very close loving relationship that has turned sour. There are valid reasons why X might be frustrated at me, but those reasons have been magnified and promoted by the mother. This has gotten to the point that this year X decided to stop speaking with me recently.

Roll forward to some time this year, X has experienced some major life-changing issues . The social services and medical contacts have said that X on their own decided to exclude me from any information about what's going on and I am beside myself. They have made a judgment that X is competent to make a decision to exclude me in matters that clearly pertain to me, and have made a judgement about X's best interests without involving me.

My question is: if these professionals did not inform me of the highly critical issues and have allowed X to be corrupted by the mother in this regard over a lengthy period, is there any recourse to have them provide information regarding X decision to exclude me, how they formed it, how X was even presented with the decision to include or exclude me in the first place and to challenge the decision made by them? Is there a way to establish if his mother was involved in the decision by X? I am acting blind here.

Any pointers or recommendations? I firmly believe they are not acting in 'best interests' and have failed in their duty to help X consider all relevant facts and consequences before allowing X to make that decision,

I am distraught, scared, horrified and angry at the thought of the situation but I appear powerless to do anything to assist my child.

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