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Ex has had multiple partners since split. Should I worry?
Hi all,

A quick question about something that has been bugging me for a while.

My ex and I split up a few months before my child was born. In my opinion, the split was always going to happen as she is possessive, obsessive and frankly untrustworthy.

Now just a few months after giving birth, less than year after we split, she gets into a relationship with a guy I had never met before and they are soon moving in together. He is subjected to a background check as his own ex was making things difficult for him to see his own son, which came back all-clear. That relationship ends after about 18 months.

Almost immediately, she gets into another relationship with someone it seems she has just met. They do not move in together formally yet he is spending a lot of time with my child with me not knowing the first thing about him. That ends after under a year.

With little time passed, the same happens with another man who I know even less about. That relationship has now ended and now she is talking about moving in with a 'friend'.

In all this time, I have travelled twice a month at weekends to see and spend time with my daughter, hopefully making it clear to her that I am her father.

Now, I know about my ex's background and family issues and why she seemingly needs the validation that comes from a relationship, but I can't help but worry about the effect this may have on my child. I worry that this will lead to an unstable environment for her to grow up in, or worse, leave her vulnerable to someone with ulterior motives.

I plan to get a background check done on this next person anyway given they will be living with my child, but I just wan't to know, do you think this is something I need to worry about? This is starting to look like a pattern, which wouldn't bother me if my daughter wasn't in the middle of it.
Seems like she is going through them....that can't be easy for your daughter. I'm not sure how it works with background checks....but if you can keep getting them checked. And try an see her as much you can. That all you can do I think...just be there for her and be the best dad you can for her.

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