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Hi, can anyone give some idea of the questions asked by Cafcass in a telephone interview?
Will entirely depend on your own circumstances.
They will just talk to you about your situation and what is going on between yourself and ex partner. They will most likely ask you about any allegations made against you which you may not even know about until they mention it as in my case. They will ask you about your child or children. I was asked if my daughter's health was ok and if she had kept up with her injections and how development was going. My daughter was 6-8 months at the time. I simply couldn't answer these questions as i was and still am being denied contact and was not being told anything about my daughter. This didnt seem to go down to well with the cafcass officer who phoned me but they wont give anything away. They will then do a report for the court. Not knowing your situation no one can tell you much else, but once in court they more than likely order a section 7 report to be done.

Just be honest with them and explain the situation, dont slag the ex off or pick faults and point fingers. Just keep it about your child/children and tell them this is why you are doing it.
Cafcass..oh boy ......I had to send them a hard copy of my conversation I had with them as the safeguarding letter they sent to the court was not entirely correct.
Missed out all the police logs that had been reported around DV, may be they turn of their hearing aid when a father is a victim of DV.

Stay child focused and note down what things you have told them.
I found this quite useful as a general guide to the do's and donts, helped me keep some perspective

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