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Hi just wondered if any one can tell me where i stand on taking my son away for the weekend against his primary carers( mother ) will . She verbally agreed this was fine and my sons great grandmother has flown from malta to meet him for the first time - how ever as my ex has found out she can throw a spanner in the works and has decided to ryin these plans by putting the brakes on me having him at all the weekend -
I plan to jus wait outside my sons house
Take him to meet her as originally agreed and return him sunday , where would i stand legally as i am his father and i am on his birth cirtificate - every time she can ruin some thing positive she does im sick it !
Surely if she reported me to the police an they rang me its not classed as kidnap as he is safe with his father ?
If there is no court order in place or his mum doesnt have a residency order there is nothing she can do. I imagine when you do return him she will make your life very awkward afterwards though. Once you do get your son , i would inform her by text what you intend to do and put in text that she verbally agreed to it . It may be likely that you will end up having to go to court eventually to sort out contact arrangements.

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