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Nursery parental rights

My daughter is currently in nursery. And has been for a handful of months without my knowledge. My ex partner decided to do this without informing me.

If I recall rightly I do have the right to the same information as she does for my child's education, I do have PR.

My problem is that I do not know what nursery she is attending in the local area and as such see my only option to ring up local nurseries and ask if my daughter is attending there. Though I suspect they will not provide me with much information. Can anyone advise on how I can go about finding out were my child is at nursery ? Along with. What information regarding my daughter I can actually obtain from them ? I wish to be noted down as an emergency contact. And be informed of any concerns about my child, or any trips etc.

Cheers !
If the nursery your daughter is at is state-run, it is legally obliged to treat all parents equally – which means you are entitled to the same information about your child's education that your ex receives, be an emergency contact etc.

To find out which nursery she is at, you could take it to the family court and ask for a specific issue order to require your ex to give you the details. It may be simpler (and cheaper) though to write to all the local nurseries and explain your situation – tell them that you have PR for your daughter, provide proof (birth certificate), explain that there are no court-imposed restrictions on your contact with her, and that you wish to be fully informed about her education if she is there. I wouldn’t bother ringing though, I can’t imagine them ever confirming it over the phone.

All this seems a right hassle though just to find out where she is at - wouldn’t it be easier to hang around one morning near your ex’s home and discretely follow her to find out where your daughter is taken?
But if he does she may well accuse him of harassing her. I know, I know, it's ridiculous.

You have the right to the same information whether the nursery is state run or not unless (and this is the only right by which you can be denied information) there is a court order which prohibits it.

You could do a minor piece of detective work and just simply write to the council's education department with your documents and ask if your child is registered at one. If not I think you_should_take the matter back to court. It's one of the ways that she will shut you out. There will be pics on the private nurser portal and information about how your child is getting on through conversations with through staff as well as days where you might attend and all that will be denied to you. My question would be, are you on a low income or benefits, cos frankly, you should take the matter back to court. Get the court order forcing her to disclose where the nursery is and fight to stay involved.
At the moment I don't really have the resources to take my ex back to court to find out what nursery my child is in, I will more than likely go into the nurseries in the local area with the birth certificate and my passport to prove I am the father with parental rights, and ask that I recieve everything and anything that my childs mother recieves once I find the right one.

It goes without saying that it has infuriated me that my childs mother has actually put my daughter into nursery without my consent, she is the resident parent, probably going on a whim here, but will this backlash on her in any form during my court proceedings to get a child arrangments order? Surely it would show some form of obstruction to involve me in my daughters upbringing by denying me knowledge of her education?

Also, if I find that my daughter is in the nursery and has been registered there under my ex partners surname, and not my own (which is on the birth certificate) - then what would my course of action be for this? I did read in previous papers that the child must not be named anything other than what is on the birth certificate, how would I go about this with the courts? Is it worth following up at all?
If you don't have the resources to take her back to court, represent yourself. The applications are free on a limited income or some benefitss, so you should really think about that.

If she has registered your child under a different name or changed if, it's illegal. But the remedy is the same, court.

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