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not a father but need advice
Ive come out of a four year relationship and due to certain circumstances we still live together in a shared house with her brother i recently found out she kept kept a lot of things from me and lied mainly to do with money. she told me that by me covering her part of the rent it covers my part of the bills as they are just a few pounds difference we always did things fairly but i found out that ive been over paying her so to speak (eg her part of the rent £300 my part of the bills £150 so she got £150 profit) so she owes me alot of money as we've been this house for so many years so i made a deal and said as long as you pay me the right amount each month until the end of our contract i wont ask for the money just trying to get that done alone was hard as i had arguments and threats from the brother and her family for asking things to be done fairly and just, (luckily i recorded the conversation).

 unfortunately she kept trying to find reason to give me less money each month like im the one using the electricity you had friends over they stayed a few nights so your using more power etc so is aid i had enough i want the money you owe me back i said that you can give it back in installment as low as £5 a month as i know of your financial situation and need a cushion in your account before you can pay me more back i said you can even give me some of the furniture if you wished and ill knock that of the bill.  

the threats happened again but worse i got accused of threatening and blackmailing her by asking for my money back that she even took it to the police lucky i had evidence to show i was trying to solve this issue fairly and legally and the police agreed that what i was doing wasn't harassment  i even used citizen advice which was to write her a letter stating that if she doesn't come up with a solution ill have to take her to a small claims court and in her mind she says that's harassment, during the course of this i even stumbled upon her brother committing benefit fraud when i questioned her about this she ignored me and then when to the police to try and get my done for harassment as if shes hoping a criminal record would make my accusations meaningless for her brother fraud 

im so afraid that shes trying to get me falsely accused of domestic violence because the police said i was doing nothing wrong its a finical issue that she needs to sort with me she started telling every one i being abusive gone to domestic hotlines, meetings etc all i done since the letter was stay in my room or been out the house not even talked to her since i had to get a security camera in my room just in case she does try something so i can show the police i was in my room.

im so afraid i dont know what to do sometimes i think that maybe what i did was harassment but i dotn think citizen advice would give me that adivce i just want her to admit her mistakes come to arrangement so i can get my money and admend all this.

i dont know what to do anymore
Hi Wakey, and welcome.

Simple answer would be cut your losses and move out as soon as possible. Rent a room somewhere else and forget it. It sounds like the chances of you getting any money back are slim to none.

You could instigate a claim in the small claims court, but you'd have to be able to quantify and prove your losses and even if you did get as far as a judges chambers your ex could just claim that it's just the costs involved whilst you were there and the case would be struck out at that point.

Move out and move on, life is short enough as it is and no point being rich in a graveyard.

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