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Ok, the breaches have started!
Got a court order in place for my son at beginning of October, we are not married but at this moment in time we still living in the same house.
The order states that she has to give me his passport in reasonable time for any holidays that I need it. She's stated that she doesn't know her next year's holiday yet even though they start in January.
I've eventually got her to agree I can have the first week in January as one of our shared school holiday entitlement and stated asking for his passport since beginning of December, she's refused. I've even just asked her to send me a picture of it for now so I can have the information on it to book a holiday but she says she won't unless I tell her where and when we are going. I've given her the dates but like I've told her I can't risk booking anything and as it's last minute I need his passport to book, she still said no I have to book first, so back to court in new year for that.
She now saying that the court order also only gives me weekend time with my son during term time, it doesn't state that at all! So that's getting mentioned as well.
She will not agree to me having him 3 weeks out of the 6 weeks holiday, as the order states as well.
I'm sure by the time I put in the court paperwork they'll be a bit more to add on.

And relax ?
Yes and when you get new court order as soon as she breaches it seriously enforce it !!

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