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how much can a man take
i no this is not being positive but? ive had just about all i can take and thinking about ,,, so called walking away,? my little one is 2 years old ive seen her in contact center 12 times, in her  life having had to go the court route, i didnt want to do that but i had no ,, no choice, none, mother said all sorts against me,, and after 1 year in court im tired, just gone tho the heart ack of xmas again not seeing  baby,,  2nd xmas, and mother is still nasty over 2 years the relationship ended,, and shes still very very bitter towards me,, and even tho i love this woman,, and i dont really no why, tbh,, after all shes put me thro,, i here storys on here and other sites,, about mother turnning kids against good dads,, that want to be in there childs life,, and i just sit thinking that i cannot let this so called mother ever hurt my our daughter, thro her own bitterness, i like some guys on here, face the possibility that the ex will get new guy in and replace me, the real dad,, and again that hurts so so dam bad,,, my wiorry is now faceing 2018, as a single farther and want to be dad,, even tho mother dose not refer to me as dad,, more so sperm doner,, for gods sake,, and im really thinking about leaving the situation behind,, and in the process being torn apart ,, never to be dad,,, i relly need good advice guys please,,ive also been in court for a year , final hearing very soon,
I'd say that you're doing the right thing by sticking with it, and going down the court route to get access.

It is really hard, but you're almost at the end now and I'm sure that at the end you'll have some guaranteed time with your daughter.

But keep your chin up, and keep at it. It'll be worth it in the end.

Your little girl needs her Dad, and that's always going to be you.
Keep going thats what your childs mum wants you to do, i havent seen our children four years in a row now but u got to keep fighting and it will get easier in time.
Never give up hope or trying to maintain contact with your little daughter, you are her daddy, eventually she will understand the truth and want to be your loving daughter. Always keep whiter than white in any conversations or correspondence with your ex or her solicitors as anything not perfectly civil can be brought up and out of context reflect really bad on you, remember the law and the courts always favour the mother.
You also have to learn to compartmentalise your life so that you you are not thinking and worrying about seeing your children all the time, try never to think about your children in the evening or before bed as this can keep you awake fretting about thinks which is not healthy.
You are not the only father in this situation there are many others I know this is no consolation but hopefully you can take positivity from other posts on here as well as share your experiences, we are all here to help as well as take advice.
This is a very low time of year - you have a final hearing coming up. Try to have a change of scene or something else to take your mind off it for a bit and you'll feel better. Depressing time of year but don't try to think about it all too much right now. One day at a time. No "what ifs".
thanks peeps
Hang in there. If it can't get any worse it can get better.
Sadly sometimes I think the whole system is designed to make you guys walk away.

Nudge policy kinda thing. Bit like sanctions policy from the DWP when you think about it. Cruel.

I have found that preservation often pays based on posts from people here who started with access in contact centres and eventually to proper contact. Long, slow game which certainly CAN pay off in the end.

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