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Not taking it lying down
Hi guys, new here.

Bit of background story, my daughter is 10 and up until a year or so ago I used to see her every other weekend (with swaps for busy weekends etc.). At one point it was painless to arrange with my ex. Then she got a new partner and up the duff. Now it's getting more and more difficult to see my girl and I can't even talk to her, apparently she doesn't want to talk to me but just before summer holidays her teacher got me and my daughter together and explained how much she misses me (having her was getting more difficult already at that point) and seeing me/my family. 

All the times I've tried to arrange to see her and my ex comes up with excuses for how my daughter wants to do this and that so I must bring her back early or can't stay overnight or whatever. If my daughter echoed those sentiments to me I'd accept it. But all the 'information' comes from her. Apparently she didn't want to come over to see me or any of my family (she's the same age as one of my neices and they are thick as thieves) on Xmas day and as she apparently she doesn't want to talk to me I've never actually had that conversation with her. Obviously if there was something wrong I'd try and sort it with her, but I don't get that chance, just fobbed off by my ex. Again what makes me so sure it's a load of rubbish is how my ex just presents some completely unverifiable statement and then just says tough that's how it is. There's definitely no want on her part to make anything better if something is wrong. I think my ex is the only thing that is wrong. 

My question is, how do I start the path to possible court action, bearing in mind it is something I'd need to do myself as no way can I afford the rediculous cost of legal representation.
Hi bro...that's sad. Your poor daughter is losing out seeing you because of her actions....I'm not the best one here for advice but I think you need mediation then a C100 form. You can represent yourself if the money is the problem...there is lots of great posts on here with advice that will help....and there is guys on here that have good results representing them self's who will help I'm sure...sounds like that's the only way sir...
I've looked into the c100 and steps needed. Hopefully if I start the process it'll scare her and I won't have to go through it all!
Hopefully. Yes get an urgent appointment at mediation. And start filling the C100 out. The Summary is the important bit. It's not a big box - I wrote "please see attached sheet" in the box and typed my summary on a sheet of A4 (no more than a sheet and a half or it may not get read properly). You then need to copy over the statement of truth bit to the bottom of that sheet and sign it and put name and application details at the top of the sheet. I put my own application in. Edit and re-edit your summary so it is well worded, concise, easy to read, gets across the information in an honest factual way without whingeing or slagging anyone off. Important things to mention are concerns for daugher's wellbeing with not being able to see you, and that it is in her best interests to continue to see you as before.

I also put a brief"history" at the end (ie single parented since 12 weeks old and child spent almost half the time wiht me for last x years).

Mention that since ex remarried and had another child suddenly you are unable to see or speak to daughter and have concerns she is being prevented from seeing you and/or "turned against" you. Don't use the words parental alienation, but that is exactly what it is.
If you have any questions - please come back to the board, A LOT of us have self-represented (its how the family courts are designed), and whilst we are not lawyers - we can guide you through the minefield.
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.

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