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Christmas conundrum
Afternoon chaps,

I've been with my girlfriend for most of this year and she's fantastic - I love her to bits. And this Christmas myself, herself and all of our families have exchanged presents.

So far so good.

But here's the rub: Her Mum's bought me a lovely jumper and some PJs, but they were too big. I've had them exchanged for the right size, but now they're in the sale - so now I have the right gifts and about £13 surplus! Would it be offensive to pass back the cash? I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings for such a kind gift, but equally don't want to be hoarding her hard-earned money.

Council of Dads - what do you think?
Why not ask your GF what she thinks? I'm sure, with a bit of explanation, her mum will understand. She'll probably feel a little embarrassed herself for getting the size wrong, so do it discretely.
I say keep quiet....this is a common problem with the sales....I'm sure she won't be that bothered....just by her some flowers or a candle...then you won't feel so bad.
What I would also say is whatever you did before in the past relationship do the opposite...we must learn from our old mistakes...if you would have just said nothing and kept the gift then do the opposite if you would have said to her mum and returned the the extra money from the gift then keep it and say nothing.....this is what seperation does to us we start to question every thing we used to do. Like it's all our faults we think we doing the right thing but usually it not the right thing in there eyes...sorry just having a rant been a bad day lol....ask the girlfriend that would probably be your best bet...
Gentlemen, we have an answer.

I gave the money (actually £17 when I counted it) to my girlfriend, to pass on to her Mum. She told me to keep it, as her Mum had already decided what how much she wanted to spend on me. We eventually agreed that we'd use it on a day out or something with her little one.


But along the lines of what scottb says - I eventually went with what I thought was right. I don't know about all of you but I spent years being criticised for my decisions, to the point that I would second guess and doubt myself almost to the point of inaction.

But this time I trusted my gut, and my morals. I did what I thought was right. The option where I could look myself in the eye, so to speak.

I had faith in me.
Nice one pete....glad you went with your gut. Yes buy the kids somthing nice with the money when you see's that going???? Hope you get to see them soon
Petem, I totally get that! Happened to me too! Go with your gut - an important lesson!
Quick update-

We spent the cash down the pub on new years instead. My girlfriend had to pour me into bed at the end of the night.

I'll still take her little lad out somewhere though. Once the room stops spinning.

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