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Shared custody
My wife has fallen out with our 14 daughter who has now moved in with me. We used to share custody with me having her 2 nights a week but now she refuses to let her stay at all. Can she do this? Should I still pay maintenance?
I would get a court order to say daughter lives with you and then no, you wouldn't need to pay child maintenance. She could change her mind otherwise. Much easier if daughter lives with you then if ex ever decides she wants to see her you can allow her to visit but to a schedule.

You need to fill in form C100. I would suggest asking for an order that child lives with you and visits Mother once a month but doesn't stay over. Shows you're willing to try and encourage her to keep contact, but you can't force anyone.

Alternatively, if your ex is willing to agree to a consent order at mediation,no need to go to court and a live with order can just be stamped by the court. Mediation might be the best option next (if ex will go). If ex won't go, then you'll need to go at least once to get signed off to apply to court.

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