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Separation coming :(
Me and the wife finally faced reality that we just aren’t compatible. Its been like this for a couple of years and we are basically together for our dog and child. We are probably going to separate this month.
It’s going to be amicable and I don’t foresee issues regarding money, splitting items or even having my daughter at weekends. Splitting with my wife is disappointing and gutting that it’s 9 years gone to nothing – it’s the situation with my daughter that is going to destroy me.

My daughter is 5 years old and we are super close – my whole life is dedicated to her really making her childhood as good as possible (I’m the fun one). I cannot bear the thought of not seeing my daughter each night and putting her to bed. The thought of this is destroying me before it all happens.

  • I’m worried about how this will affect my daughter. Does anybody have any comments or advise?
  • I’m worried how I will handle the separation from my daughter. The thoughts of it alone is destroying me.
  • I’m also worried about my wife. She already suffers with anxiety (I think depression). When this all happens I worry about the way she will go because apart from having my daughter more than me, the rest of her circumstances will be worse off (living back home, money etc). My wife earns very little. I’m on a decent wage so I will be keeping the rented house and she will most likely be going to live with her parents. Plus unless she changes her ways she would find it very difficult in my opinion to find a new partner – she’s a very depressed and  sad person :-(.
I’m confident it will be all amicable and will support each other after.

Do you have any advise on the three points above? 
Hi....sorry to hear about your situation ...I know how your feeling I'm going through the same right now....all I can say is that I hope for all your sakes you guys can keep it amicable. I don't have the advice on the seperation as I'm struggling with this myself. But I'm sure somone with better knowledge will help with that...but there are some great posts on here that will help....the not seeing my kids every night is also destroying me. Think that will take time to get over. Just try and get as much access as you can and when you have that time with her keep doing the fun things and you both can keep making special memories....most important thing is your daughter and you now. Think we both in for a few hard months ahead no getting away from that but just keep focusing on what's best for your daughter and you. And we are here if you need to talk. Good luck bro

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