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In court tomorrow!
Good reqd this bery helpful
Very sad that as soon as a dad tries to fight for rights to see children, accusations of the worst sort of stuff starts flying towards them. I would sit on train for 2 hours just to spend and hr with my son between him finishing nursery and his mum finishing work..and I'm told because of my emotional abuse I am being refused contact. Ha ha..emotional abuse...? Because I walked out on her I'm refused access to the kids. Keep up the good fight sir. Staying calm is the hardest part.
Its rubbish.

So whats the difference as My ex abused me and my son through DV and she is allowed contact????? How do we explain that. No risk assessments no nothing
Its a joke.

Back to court next month to have this put right. Yet it falls on deaf ears.

They change the goal post when the victim is the father.

Oh the other thing is CAFCASS. Wolves in sheeps closing.

I recently received confirmation from ombudsmen that CAFCASS did not contact children services to gather information to support the sec 7report .where as there report for court submitted by cafcass stated otherwise.
They wrote their report on hearsay from the mother.
So pls all be mindful when speaking to them.
If they come out again to visit it will be recorded.
The law should punish these ppl who try and divert the truth.

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