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Would/Could you ever get back with your ex?
Hmm.. let me see, it's on my list of things I'd do just below "have a slapping contest with a porcupine", "drink a cup of cold sick" and "put my genitals in a meat grinder and press the on switch"
(01-11-2018, 12:46 AM)marwood Wrote: Hmm.. let me see, it's on my list of things I'd do just below "have a slapping contest with a porcupine", "drink a cup of cold sick" and "put my genitals in a meat grinder and press the on switch"

I think that sticking my genitals into a meat grinder would be a closer and more satisfying level of intimacy than my ex was ever capable of creating.

And I wouldn't have to look at her sour face whilst I did it. The grinder wins every time.
As much as we despise our Ex, I can't help thinking that a good proportion of them will go on to have a successful relationship second/third time around.So how is this possible if they are really that bad.

Which leads me to believe that they almost have this dual personality. We just may have pushed the wrong buttons with them. Once you turn on their nasty personality, it is as if they are different people. But I imagine they can just as easily switch back their personality. The difficulty is for those of us who have experienced it, we will forevermore be in fear of the day they might switch personality again.

As for them, they are completely oblivious how they have changed. They truly believe they have always been the same.
Sometimes I think when a relationship goes stale the old ‘familiarity breeds contempt ‘ rears it’s head hence the personality change and the desire to get what society/courts etc tells them are due, bigger share of assets, children , no blame etc etc
Defo have to agree with you Daddolent. I feel that together we pushed the wrong buttons due to circumstances and personalaties changed. I may not hate her, maybe not love her. But the feelings for her are quite strong still. In an ideal world I’d love to try again. But that boats sailed and sank.
i loved my ex ,, she was my world, i cannot belive how nasty she is after 2 years,, still, and question would i go back? i really think not, the best thing she has given my is my little girl, and for that im greatfull,  thats when the fxxxxx courts do let dad and child have a relationship that is,, Angry
Its a difficult one - but NO! I loved my wife for 20 years, even when I found out she had had an affair for 8 years I was concerned for her welfare and 'loved' her - its shit being alone and its tempting to get back and I even suggested it at one point. With the benefit of time apart I could now not conceive of taking her back.....
I eventually accepted that she wasnt the person she first made herself out to be and thats when I finally realised it was impossible to have any kind of friendship or relationship. My feelings for her left like a fart in the wind. After years of stringing me along and using me she was beside herself when I finally gave up. Not because she loved me but because I stopped loving her. Having looked back through the texts for evidence gathering I guess I kind of miss a bit of it. But it was all false.
Until you reach the point of indifference then most will at some point yearn for a second try, go back to the good times etc.

With the benefit of time, healing, rational thinking... the answer is no.
Just to be with the ex again, never ever. But for the kids, I would possibly. Sorry I know it is a no no and it may not work and be even more damaging, but I would have tried as I think the kids deserve it.

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