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child protection plan and going abroad
hi thanks

Sandwell SS were in the news again for OFTED inadequate rating...yet another year.

After chasing up the complaint and also ringing the government ombudsman who opened a file but have not took it on fully yet,
finally had a letter off them saying "we tried to call you" which is utter rubbish. the manager of the SW who made the bias report asked for a meeting and i refused as i wanted all communication logged ie in writing or email.
i replied to them on email again attaching my complaint.
had a letter back today adressing my concerns, they said they accept that certain things should have been looked at in more detail such as my son stating he was smacked twice after being burnt
he stated he has not spoken to the SW who wrote the report as she is off work for personal reasons so could not comment ( i believe she has stress syndrome after catching wind of the complaint)
he has addressed the conduct side of my complaint and apoligized and said we will improve as per usual lessons learnt crap , he states my complaint is partly upheld
he also states that if im not happy i should contact the customer focus i assume that he has "closed " it without sspeaking to that SW

however he failed to acknowlege the factual inacuracy of the report or even comment on it....especially the fact the report mentions in several places D Violence and how the SW is "worried mother was a victim of it" but fails to mention that i was not arrested for DV or interviewed and the police took no further action. the case was dropped within 10 hours because my ex told police she made the allegations because" she thought they would give her a house"
but the report fails to mention this at all

so back to the email again...i will highlight this to the manager writing letter, if not take it to the next stage

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