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child protection plan and going abroad

apologies if this is the wrong section

ive posted on here before about my almost 4 year old son having various injuries in his mums cars
most recent being a second burn with an iron

anyway as a result of this injury a section 47 enquiry took place, and it was deemed that my son was to be put on a child protection plan (although the reason was risk of emotional harm due to animosity between parents)

now he is part of a child protection plan and there is a 3month review to take place soon
she is planning on going abroad in feb for 3 weeks
(my child arrangements order states she can go for upto 24 days providing i miss 1 weekend of contact and she makes the time up upon return)
the court order was drawn up before the child protection plan

I wanted to know what are the legal implications re her taking him abroad whilst he is on a chhild protection plan
or is it the decision of childrens services ..who are already proven to be useless ?

Have you got a copy of the social services report? I was going to suggest you make an urgent application for a prohibited steps order and variation of the current order, to prevent her taking son abroad at this time. But it could be difficult if you can't prove the injury and social services report just says emotional harm due to parents animosity. Is there any mention of the burn in the social services report or not? I would try and contact childrens services anyway and say you have concerns about her taking him abroad while he is under the protection plan, due to previous burns/injuries. Put it in writing. Phone them and ask who to email.
(01-06-2018, 07:56 PM)Charlie7000 Wrote: Have you got a copy of the social services report?  I was going to suggest you make an urgent application for a prohibited steps order and variation of the current order, to prevent her taking son abroad at this time.  But it could be difficult if you can't prove the injury and social services report just says emotional harm due to parents animosity.  Is there any mention of the burn in the social services report or not?  I would try and contact childrens services anyway and say you have concerns about her taking him abroad while he is under the protection plan, due to previous burns/injuries.  Put it in writing.  Phone them and ask who to email.

hi charlies thanks

yes i have a copy of the section 47 report but i have wrote on it with notes .
it does mention that there have been two burns in 15 months and that the first time mother delayed seeking medical attention for at least 3 days,  and non sought the second time (i took him to a&e myself). but they say mother was forced to flee DV and there is anomisity between parents and it should be noted that reports from seperated fathers are statistically not reliable (even though i have hard eveidence to back up all my reports ) and there is a police report proving i wasnt even arrested for DV and mother admitted she called the police thinking they would give her a house (a scam to fast track the housing queue)

she told the social worker thats she is going abroad in feb 18, and instead of him ringing me to discuss this and ask why there were strict instructions on the court order. ,,...this corrupt social worker again tried to act in the mothers best interest rather than childs and said if i would consider letting her go for a longer period as she told him to ask. i told him there is a reason the judge made the court order (because mother wanted to go abroad for 6 weeks without making up any lost time) and it was made in the childs best interest. instead of him discussing the safety aspects of the trip he was trying to get more time for her.  instead of saying "i understand" or i  didnt know the history behind it his reply was
"so its a no then" like he was twisting it to make it sound like i was being awkward.

furthermore...there is a review conference of the child protection plan last week of this month...i have a strong feeling they will take him of the plan, as there have been no burns or serious injuries in the 3 months , in which case a PSO application would be a waste of time....but i will wait and see.

he was put on the plan 3 months. so far all they have done is visit me once to discuss history of case and the mother (dont know how many times) to discuss safety around home etc. during this time he has observed what they say is a positive bond between mother and child so my concerns re him being hysterical at handover not wanting to go in the car anymore thinking he will be dropped off and picking up on the route as "no cause for concern" and that i should work with him to overcome it and help him understand. he said sometimes kids cry to get what they want "let them cry". so that was his way of dismissing it. every person i spoke to and mention say this is not normal behaviour for a child returning to the mother.

They tried to implement a fun calender to help him understand mums time and dads time using colours and stickers. but when i tried to do the stickers with soon as i got to mothers days with a yellow sticker he broke down in tears and said take it off, i dont want to go to mum. but again they say its normal... i asked why is a 3 year old is so traumatised of going back to his mother after 3 days apart, when he comes to me he runs into my arms, but as soon as he sees her or picks up on the route he breaks down into tears. again the only answer they give me is "we observe a good bond" so in other words if he was being abused or neglected he would be curled up in a corder (or thats what they want to see before acting)

i made several reports to sandwell social services over 24 months about concerns. each time they brushed it under carpet as accidental, no cause for concern., malicuous, etc
the first burn accured june 16, police came and checked my son as it was a weekend and EDT team werent interested, police and said it looked consistent with her explanation of touching a hot iron (no mention of negligence or lack of supervision). there was no futher action taken.
then my son continued to come with knocks and bruises every month every couple of weeks, and he was absolutely hysterical upon returning to mother, as soon as he saw her he would break down in tears, hold on tight to me which i though was strange as its his mother, he should be looking forward to seeing her after 3 days apart.
so i contacted nspcc with pics and details. they again made a referral to sandwell ss. they said it wasnt investigated before so we cant do anything. and put the rest of the bruises/knocks down to consistent with age (3 )

so a few more months past and another burn on the same hand again with an iron. i took him to a&e and told them that it wasnt the first time etc, they made a referral to social services. my son was interviewed at hospital using nurse as an interpretor and he mentioned that after burn his mother smacked him twice (now i questioned why she thought it was approproate to smack him when hes been burnt due to her negligence for leaving him alone near a hot iron). again they said there is no evidence of the smack i.e bruises on bum.

they did however put him on a child protection plan as they said the two burns in 15 months is a concern and mainly my son is experiencing negativity as part of break up although there was no evidence to back it up (i have a seperate complaint on going regarding the social worker and the accuracy of the report)

so i think i will wait to see what the outcome is of the review conference, and by that time i will know the exact days dates and then i will consider the PSO. thanks
I think, if you are concerned he is being mistreated and social services are involved, I would apply for an urgent 48 hour prohibited steps order to prevent her taking him abroad, and also a variation of the current order and ask that he live with you. You can submit the social services report in there as evidence. In your application you can say that you have serious concerns, and feel the situation needs monitoring and son needs support. Say you only want what is best for son and feel it is important that he sees both parents, providing some measures are in place to protect him. The court might appoint a guardian to check on son while in his Mother's care. You do it on form C100. We delayed doing something like that in the past after a Solicitor said you have no evidence - and regret it but am doing something now. You have an official report from social services - that is evidence. Solicitor told us social services don't do anything unless child is hospitalised. They just keep an eye on things. There are degrees of abuse. A child will have a bond with his Mother but that doesn't mean she isn't abusing him.
charlie thanks

i have considered that and when the current sw came to my home to discuss things, i mentioned everything to him i.e burns, not seeking medical attention, my son crying hysterically every drop off and clinging on to me or bursting into tears as soon as he caught site of his mother, not a little tantrum, as in howling crying. also my 3 year old son used to love going out and about, going in the car, he now avoids it and either wants to ride his bike if we go or tells me to go and he wants to wait at home because it is fear that now going in the car means possibly going home.
he used to have his afternoon nap on sundays at approx 4pm and whilst asleep i used to take him in the car and drop him off as it was time to go he avoids going to sleep and i can see he is tired but is trying his best not to lay down for that sake of not falling asleep. this makes his touchy and agitated.
every person i speak to, other parents/say this is not normal for a young child. he should look forward to seeing his mother. he is clearly traumatised of going back.
he wont dress in the clothes she sends him in or even wear her coat thinking it may be time to go back, so he has his own clothes at my house. even if he is in the car which is rarely now with lots of convincing...he has picked up on the route so if i go in a certain direction he starts crying and kicking his legs.

the sw said...if im concerned i should apply to court and ask for my son to live with me...and had a hidden smirk on his face like you wont get far.
however...the section 47 report although is raising concerns about the 2 burns and not seeking medical attention, it says the first one cant be commented on because the SW was different, the second one was deemed as superficial so the only concern they had was lack of supervision and safety around home contains more defamation of character about me and the previous (proven false allegations) so it needs to be amended to take into accounts the facts because i think a judge will take one look at it and say the professionals are saying crying is just because he enjoys his time with you , kids cry, the professionals are saying they have noted a good bond between mother and child and the professionals are saying that most of the injuries are accidental and she has now been given correct guidance about safety

I am stuck because i can clearly tell there is a problem for him to behave like this., he is opening up to me the one person he is confident to speak to and doing it emotionally. he has told me his aunty shouts at him.
(the witch that his mother leaves her with when shes at college and hes not at nursery).... his 7 year old cousin threatens to punch him (maybe the bruises on his shins are where an older child has kicked him). hes told me his mother says if you go to your dad i will hit you, hes told me she pulls his ears and smacks him (the SW say smacking a child is not illegal, but if done for no reason or petty things its wrong and abuse i think). he told the child protection team police woman at hospital that he was smacked twice after the burn (mother left him unattended and due to her stupidy he got burnt) so they didnt ask why the hell was she smacking him....instead of comforting him when he would be in pain and seeking medical attention

i have a formal complaint going on re the contents of the section 47 report. once that is ammended and touch would it doesnt happen, he gets hurt again, i will go back to court and apply for a emergency residence order
also i am waiting to see if he remains on the child protection register at the next conference which then will still leave me approx 10 days to apply to court for a PSO
It's really hard to prove these things isn't it. We had a similar thing a few years ago and that kind of smacking - or hitting - is intimidation. And it depends how hard and how often. And if it's round the head it doesn't leave marks. Solicitor also said - that's down to a parent to choose whether to smack or not and if it's inappropriate, it's bad parenting, not abuse. NSPCC disagreed and said Solicitors don't know everything. Did social workers talk to your son, independently, at school? Another option would be to take him to a psychologist or counsellor maybe, when he is with you and see if he will talk to her about these things. The counsellor can then write something and do a referral or something you can use in court. One thing I was told by the Solicitor was - social services won't do anything unless he is hospitalized. But if they heard it directy from the child they would do something.
i had another incident yesterday. i went for a review meeting of the child protection plan, which was held at nursery
i saw my son walking in with his mother and he was crying, i got out of the car and i called him over
he continued to cry and when i took him into the nursery room i was trying to calm him down asking him what was wrong,. i asked him if someone had hurt him, he said yes and then told me it was his aunty , she smacked him in the face
he said her name twice as the nursery nurse was listening and i wanted to make sure they heard it.
i tried to leave him in the room and go for the meeting with SW but he clung on to my leg tight and wouldnt let go,
i played with the toys with him for 10 minutes to calm him down and as soon as i got up he jumped up crying and clung on to my leg again,. they had to literally pull him off as the SW had arrived.

They agreed he never done this before as he usually has a tantrum but the nursery manager said this was out of character. it was mentioned to SW who said he would speak to the staff as to what they heard and saw but he told me "it was a grey area" i said his aunty has no right to hit him or smack him....he again opened up to me the one person he feels safe and secure with and he is showing distress through emotions but these scum of professionals say hes just upset.

i have notified the police of this but have not heard anything which is shocking,. if i smack someone its common assult, if its a bit more severe its abh and more severe is gbh. so why are adults who are not parents allowed to smack or hit children and get away with it.

i told the sw i didnt want to say anything in front of his mother in fear of what would happen to him later but this didnt seem to phase him.....they dont realise that if a child opens up and says something yet that one chance to save them or protect them isnt acted upon...then what will happen when they are faced with that person later
That should have set alarm bells ringing for them. You had witnesses there. One grey area is one thing - but there have been a few. They could put down a remark about auntie smacking him in the face as an exaggeration - or said to you to get attention. And they probably put the crying and clinging to you down to the circumstances of separation from a parent regularly. That is the trouble - hard to prove anything. Although they also wouldn't take it seriously if you asked him if anyone had hurt him as they would say that put the idea in his head.

All we were told is - are there any marks? Some hitting doesn't leave marks. Could you contact that social worker again now, by email after - now the ex isn't there. And say you want them to keep him under protection and to keep an eye on things. That you feel very concerned and strongly that he is being hurt, and that a nursery worker overheard him say his auntie smacked him in the face.

Put that in writing and they may have to do something, as if later it turned out to be something serious and they hadn't done something after you highlighted in writing - they would be liable.

The trouble is they are so used to parents making false accusations about each other things go under the radar. If there is any sign of anything - a mark or another burn or whatever, I would go straight to the Police with him. Don't ask him any questions - just take him, and let them ask him the questions.
ok thanks

i had the child protection conference review
i mentioned to the chair what had happened re stating he had been slapped and also told him that the following weekend which was my weekend of contact, when it came to home time my son was hysterical more so than usual he simply didnt want to go, would run away into kitchen,  ...this time when i tried to talk to him/calm him he ran and hid under the coffee table and would not come out
i filmed this as evidence as it was out of character. the only way i got him to come out was to say ok dont worry we wont go...then he just cried himself to sleep in my arms..i text me ex to say i would be late, i asked her to call and speak to reply no call and i tried to call her....again no reply...i know the reason she never rang or answered she knows whats happening and the kid is petrified of going there . i notified the cops and was told, its up to you to deal with it but if mother rings and says he isnt returned, you may get a visit.  eventually i dropped him off about an hour after due time, as he fell asleep

The Chair of the meeting asked the acting social worker about the smack and all he said was " i spoke to the child the next day and he stated he hadnt been smacked". But i know my son, he opens up to me because he thinks i am the one person that can help him
unless they see it happening or witness the kid curled up in a corner or covered in unusual bruises they say its all ok.
They dont understand that abuse comes in many forms, intimidation/threats trying to scare a child is abuse.
Its like bullying in schools, some kids are just to scared to say anything. and most of the time there are no injuries to show they are being bullied.
the thing these clowns dont realise is that in that time frame his mother and aunty was well aware of what had gone on and could have easily scared/intimidated him into not saying the point he now hides under the table.
The social worker also went on to suggest that i was asking leading questions and tried to imply that i had asked is that aunty had had hit him...i strongly stated that was false. i asked if he had been hurt or if someone had hurt him. and the chair agreed that if my son was upset i had a right to ask him if he was hurt or if somone had hurt him.

the following wednesday, again at home time he got upset, started crying, kept saying i told you i want to stay here, why dont you just tell them i dont want to go. i said i have but they dont listen, when my time finishes you have to go and come back again. but he just doesnt want to accept it.

The outcome of the review is that he will remain on the child protection plan till July . they will be doing some work with him re trauma of handover and the chair suggested some wishes and feelings work...not sure on the details

they said the he hadnt been burnt in the past 3 months so "job done" as far as physical risk of safety/lack of supervision was concerned
and also as a result they said she can now go on the planned holiday for 3 weeks to a country where there is no emergency medical care, no ambulances or chemists due to it being a rural country side location 120 miles from a city. and even though i made a point that she hadnt sought medical attention for the burns with free nhs in uk, the place shes going to is private treatment.

The acting social worker was quick to make a point that the court order allows her to go (where i informed them that it was made before the burns and before the child protection plan), the chair agreed with me...but i said if you as a professional agree for her to go then i respect that decision, i just want to make sure  you are aware of my concerns of the risks. i have established the social worker is mainly on her side because he actually called me to ask if i would agree to let her go for a time period longer than whats on the court order, i informed him the court order is made for a reason and in the childs best interests so if you feel she deserves a longer holiday feel free to apply to court and explain to judge.

All the reports still contain reference to previous allegations of  DV and no mention that there is a police report proving i was not arrested for such and the case was maked as no further action within 10 hours. i said this is factually wrong and wrongful defamation of character, i was told it would be ameneded but so far nothing has transpired. i have made a complaint through my MP but havent heard anything

so far we have had the "blunders", "the missed opportunies" and the catalogue of mistakes....looks like it can only go one same as all the other kids SS have failed. then will come the "appologies, lessons need to be learnt crap"
Ok. Next time your son has some kind of injury or burn take him to the GP or the hospital - have it logged and write to make a complaint to social services for failing to protect your son. It sounds like the social workers are dismissing your allegations and are influenced by the dismissed accusations. The Mother may also be quite convincing.

If SS are no help then maybe use the school and the GP/hospital - the more people that highlight concerns and injuries the more SS will have to jump and deal with things. Although he's at nursery - not quite the same as school.

Don't like the sound of the wishes and feelings stuff - because social workers can ask leading questions too, especially if they've made their mind up.

A bit worrying for you if she is going abroad for a while.

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