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Hopefully this joker can be removed.

Finally  My application to Appeal hearing is on  Wed , after that totally bulls up at the last contested hearing and the  final Court order in Oct, written by some mickymouse muppet which I never saw or heard in that hearing or even agreed too.

So im hoping that the money spent to get to this point has a positive outcome. I know that the Barrister has a good  rep   as he is well know in the circuit of family law. Lets see if the books, and radio shows that he does lives up to expectations.

Hopefully the transcript and witness statements and historical events mostly after the court order convinces the Judge to put the current order aside and mark it down for a retrial.

I have been so child focused throughout the whole mess from November last year .Its my role as a profession yet the system does not support or listen to Male victims of Domestic abuse.

I found that  my professional views working in the field of Safeguarding does not apply if you are parent with the same views. How contradictory it all is.

I mean a parent raising concerns of physical ,emotional assault and nothing happens  vrs  a professional raising the same concerns and hell breaks out.

or a parent raising  fact based evidence  Vrs a professional completing a report based on hearsay. 

I have really lost faith in my profession as no matter how much you can scream in relation to safeguarding you child from harm both physical and emotional the system is not concerned. 

I recently contacted Courts and  SServices again with ongoing concerns of neglect and emotional abuse towards my son since the last order.
the response I got was there was nothing they can do and I will have to wait to for the appeal hearing?
If had my work boots on Im sure things would be dealt with differently.

I am fortunate to put some level of protection in place for my son but what it does not stop is the emotional impact it is having on my son. The impact will be long term as the system fail to recognise or even understand the Welfare of the child and they are the ones that are meant to being following the welfare check list.

So Hopefully a father whos been a victim and  who has been a primary carer and resident parent has the same procedures followed to safeguard the children in their care. 

You dont simply ignore what is procedures because I am a father. I see many mothers (many falsely claiming DV) and getting the system supporting them 100 percent. Simply Shocking.

What Ive learned through this whole process so far is.
I cannot work anymore  at the level of professional work I had previously done, which is like for the last 20 years. Its because I seen first hand how biased  the who network is.

Fact based evidences means nothing NOTHING!!, In my previous post I mentioned if a father attended court with a axe in his head inflicted by the wife it is OK??, or that lying is ok, abusing a child is ok, Abduction is ok, common assault is ok?

I really hope that I get this order put aside, its a mess, a REAL MESS ie 2+2 = 17. overnights etc

Wish me luck guys as I will be sticking to my original position which I think is fair considering all the shit that has happened.

Every other weekend contact for the mother plus 2 tea time contacts on the 2nd week. Its near to what the standard contact arrangements are for separated parents. Well this is what is usually awarded to no resident parents.

Parenting programme to be completed and mother to secure her own accommodation  before any over night is considered
Dv awareness programme.
Family assisted order 12 month 
restriction on Oversea travel.
supported contact till mother has successfully completed a parenting programme.
Taken care of
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
sorry i posted in wrong section i will repost

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