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New book nr completion "MY DAD. THE INVISIBLE MAN". A Journey through family court.
Dear Dads. 

I been a member of Separated Dads since early last year. It’s a great site that really supports father through the difficult times of being separated from their children.  

I like to thank Separated Dads for permission to post details about my book which is in the process of being completed. Titled "MY DAD. THE INVISIBLE MAN". A Journey through family court. 

The book started with recording my experiences, then somehow changed along the way to wanting to capture all the dads experiences through the family court and how it has affected them and their children. Why have one view when you can have hundreds. 

have collected many quotes and short paragraphs of experiences and poems which dads have shared to be included in the book. I guess it’s a message in a book to those loved ones to know that my dad did real cares. 

I have taken a small quote from one of the fathers who had not seen his children in over 2 years.   

"I wish this nightmare will end, it's taken my house, my job and my children. I just wish to see my children again, that’s all. To Jacob and Amy, daddy loves you a lot and I will see you again and we can continue having those wonderful times together."  

And poem from a father that had been subjected to Domestic Violence.  

The rain falls each night 

So do the beatings, such a fright 

When will it en 

Or will the wood stick bend 

I afraid to look around  

In case I'm ridiculed and put sent down. 

I need to run, yet I Stay. 

I pray my children do no fall prey. 

My cry for help yet no one hears 

The system forgets my open tears 

I am a dad but No one cares 

A broken man for all to share. 

Another father thoughts on Professionals which brought a small giggle to my face

"The lives of my children were literally decided in 2 hours and that 2 hours may have never have happened as the report filed by Cafcass was so far from the truth that you will need Nasa to send a rocket in to space to retrieve it."  

He goes on to say, 

"Derek, I want you to know that your dad did not leave you. I was asked to live somewhere else which meant I could not see you. I am sorry I could not say good bye to you son. I love you and  I will one day see you again." 


If you wish to share your story or send in a poem or a simple thought, I will be happy to include it in to the book. 
You can email me at- 

Dads names will remain confidential unless you wish to add your first names. We will not publish any family names. 

I hope to hear from some of you. 

We are hoping to bookmark funds from the sales of the book towards helping other with financial support to those that may need it. We understand that the process through court can be extremely costly. We will also be doing a fund raiser in the near future. 
In the mean time I wish all the dads the very best. 


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