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50/50 court outcome
(01-12-2018, 12:26 PM)boyce57 Wrote: Keep you head held high and try as much as you can... if you already have 50:50 today and i mean something like week on week off as well as playing a very active role in their day-to-day care then you have a very good standing, legally.  If you don't have this then don't give up, in the end if you have the capacity to provide that level of care you still have a good case.

LTCDAD - your experience and situation sounds 98% like mine, except without the 15 month court battle; she pulled out before it got that far.  But you are right, and i've read many a story where Magistrates have stern words with a parent who pushes to make major changes to existing agreements for what can only be seen as an attempt for financial gain.  Agreed on your last sentence to. Mine is a co-parent, but not a dream hahaha!

Mine is nowhere close to being a co-parent ... she blocks and resists any attempt to work together and alienates the kids as much as she can although at the moment they seem to have thick skins to that... She was devastated the judge ruled against her and walked out of court.... only agrees to swaps she wants... not ones that would help me... nightmare and a shame as kids will feel it and see it soon
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
ah i see, sorry to hear that. Its unfortunate that the other parent (ex-wives in this case) become irrational and uncooperative. Mine does co-parent but to her advantage, mine doesn't swap with me but expects me to swap for her as she thinks counting the odd day here and there will go in her favour when it doesn't hahaha

But as you say, the children take the brunt of it...i'm a firm believer in keeping quiet and saying little as possible. it's worked thus far Smile
Agree about keeping quiet and staying out of the radar - although now son is older and talks (a lot) more emails fly in about everything under the son.
Yes - I have an exact 50/50 care agreement ordered by the court.
Great. Nice to know marwood.

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