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Not good
Interim order is not an order for the time (that bit is just an agreement), only for SPIPP, mediation and statements.  Ex is implementing swaps anyway and now saying I will not see son at all unless I produce a document at mediation in a couple of days (she's making further allegations).  Hearing isn't for 6 weeks. I have a document but it's not the one she wants! (Cant say much more on thatright now).
What was your last hearing, FHDRA ?
Yes. Asked for an interim order for her to keep to the regular contact, got an interim order but the contact is just agreed, not ordered on it.
Has a CAFCASS Section 7 report been ordered?

If it's the first hearing (FHDRA), don't stress about it only being agreed contact. If there are safeguarding concerns thrown up by your ex, these have to be investigated properly (hence the section 7), and until they are, they will only ever order agreed contact.
No Section 7 - even though I cited emotional abuse (with evidence) of her!

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