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Any tips for mediation?
This is court ordered mediation before final hearing.  Just prior to it starting, had lots of threatening emails from ex who says if xyz document isn't produced at first mediation then blahdi blah contact.  This is to do with her latest accusation. Ok so contact may go pearshaped before final hearing.

But assuming mediation actually doesn't fall apart in the first 10 minutes, what kind of things should I be prepared to discuss (it's shuttle mediation).  At the moment she is trying to get an agreement at mediation via blackmail!

Am a bit concerned at sharing any information at all at this stage, even at mediation.
At the time we reached mediation my ex had already applied to court for sole custody .... but not told anyone... so mostly watched her try to explain that to everyone in the room trying to avoid court except her who had already started court proceedings

Expect anything... I was accused of child neglect... i stopped the mediation and demanded they started a child protection investigation against me to disprove the claims... they asked her to expand and she told them that she thought feeding children ice cream is neglect (that is the level i was up against.... "he shoudl not have access to the kids as he does not feed them properly" type of stuff!!!! )

Don't share anything you don't want to... keep with the facts... only a court can demand your pay slips or similar etc... but equally don't be the one that blocks things

Blackmail is common... i was told she would agree to shared custody in exchange for more money... my solicitor trapped her in court on the same issue although we didn't raise blackmail specifically, we had it as back up if things had turned really nasty (no idea what that threshold is but I thought we were at nasty level 99 from the 1st minute of the court hearing when my ex verbally attacked a court official for saying hello to my solicitor... being biased apparently saying good morning to someone!)

What is she asking to see specifically?
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"

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