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Contact issue back to court
Hi all
The ex has suddenly stopped me seeing the kids as an alligation was made to social services that I slapped my daughter yet I have a letter from them saying they are not even looking in to it so im taking her back to court next week my question is
Now she has a solisitor do I have to send them and the court the texts ect I have printed out ?
As I'm also going to see if I can get the non mol over turned as i now have proof what she said to get it was lies
I would hang on to your texts and just present it at court on the day attached to your statement to the judge.
Why is it all I hear about is the mothers always fabricated lies etc and the courts take a blind eye to it.
I can understand the courts not giving two monkeys about the welfare checklist but I find if very disgusted that mothers act this way.
I find it disgusting too. The lying! I think anyone who makes a false allegation (ie lies) should have residence taken away.
Cheers for that
I belive she has got legal aid for breaking the order !!! Which I find a joke as i can't even afford a solisitor and am on a low income
I also tried to speak to the solisitor she used to try and avoid court yet they refused to speak to me and when i did she put the phone down on me after saying she hasn't been instructed yet in the non mol it says to go throu the solisitors
What ever way I turn I end up hitting a brick wall
I also wouldn't send her Solicitors anything in terms of evidence (eg texts and emails). Her solicitor is acting for her and isn't a Judge - she just follows her client's instructions and advises her believing what she has been told.

Enforcing is the way to go. I would also contact social services and ask them for a copy of the report. If you don't get it in time, attach the letter from social services to your enforcement application as evidence there are no welfare issues.

What do you think really triggered her stopping contact (if the allegation is rubbish)? Something usually triggers it. New boyfriend, you having a new partner, holiday coming up or something?
She had a bloke round there who was saying to my son in a nasty way to get to bed my son is on the autistic spectrum when i asked her about him she got funny and said it's non of my business
I also saw a pic of him and he is on steroids
When I found out his name I done a Sarah's law check on him

She met him on Instagram or snapchat so that got me worried
That sounds typical - you have some concerns and they retaliate by accusing you of something.
She had legal aid for the first hearings now that she has broken the child order can she get legal aid for that hearing?

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