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Lying Ex. Fact Finding Hearing.
I was a victim of Dv , so was my son. Even with police logs n health logs of fact based info it simply got brushed under the radar.
However the final order got put aside as I successfully won my appeal.
Now I have a retrial.
It goes to show that the courts will go to any length even bending the rules to favour the mother.

Shame on you magistrates and cafcass. Your ill practices was exposed. Next time please stick to mandatory procedures around Domestic Violence and get the welfare checklist correct . Its really not that hard to follow.
A await patiently for the new hearing.
Oh it gets brushed under the radar alright. I actively challenged the Cafcass adviser at the First Directions Hearing. I pointed out how contradicted their report was. They state any kind of domestic violence is harmful to a child. So I pointed out they had recommended I don't see my child until facts are determined but had no problem allowing my ex to be with them. Absolutely disgraceful. All the while she's severed an important bond between Father & child.
You know that's what gets me about the application form even! The C1A seems to assume it's a woman making an allegation about a man by the way it's worded (can't remember which bit) - but the bit about accepting supervised or unsupervised contact springs to mind. How can a Dad tick "supervised contact" when the child lives with the Mother? Well you can but is it going to happen? Maybe if you have a police report that she's a child murderer it might but it's all the lesser abusive stuff that isn't quite so black and white as that.

I had a C1A for emotional abuse of son by ex -after she had made umpteen allegations that were dismissed (ie it didn't work) she then started alienating son. So Cafcass "did me a favour" by making clear there were no welfare issues and would be no section 7 as a result. No welfare issues for me they mean - totally ignoring the ex's welfare issues. Hopefully a judge will take them on board.

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