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Funny Stories?
Need a bit of light hearted relief so I thought I would ask for any funny/amusing/horrific stories.

The only thing that springs to mind for me was a small issue nearly five years ago. My now ex and I were hosting a summer BBQ with everyone there from family to friends. Ex was heavily pregnant and I was running around being the perfect host. On the 3rd time of forgetting the chicken from the oven she snapped at me. I raised my eyebrows and dutifully walk round the house to collect said chicken. She didnt like this so followed me and an argument ensued. I calmly stated I didnt like being talked to like that and carried on with the chicken when she just stopped dead and walked off to the corner of the house?????

She then, in full view of all guests, turned to me and screamed "I cant help that Im a fat lazy cow, Id try harder if I could"

I was completely floored!!! all I could think at the time was, bravo bravo, GAME SET aaaand MATCH. Not a single one of our guests have ever spoken to me again 5 years later. I actually like that memory it always makes me laugh. Clearly a sign lol.

Apologies if this isnt the place for it, I know theres some real pain here. Just trying to help.
Haha, mate you have to laugh at half the things they do or you would go mad. I could tell you loads of funny stories but this one amused me no end.

My ex made me buy the pushchair and that 4 months before my daughter was born even though i tried to explain that there was little point. We may as well wait 2-3 months. After all even if she suddenly went into labour it would take an hour or so to go and get one. She would be in hospital for a couple of days anyway.

But that was just the start, i bought it just for the peace but on its arrival i said that i should take it out the box and check it is all ok and complete. I got the biggest mouthful ever about how i am not allowed to that and i need to understand that it needs to be kept sterile! STERILE!! I tried to reason with her but as you may understand she wasn't forthcoming. Any normal person would check something when it arrives because as i tried to explain, if something is missing or there is a problem in 5 months when she decides to finally open it what they hell are we going to do about it then. I was told to stop talking to her like a child and i needed to understand it needed to stay sterile.

Im not sure where she thinks it was made or kept or who packed it away but im pretty damn sure it wasnt in a clinically clean lab by people in white coats. Mad i tell you, completely mad.

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