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Section 7 report
Hi all

Had my first hearing on monday and it went terrible i represented myself and have to await a section 7 report -

Asnits stands i live in a summer cabin at the bottom of a friends garden and if the caffcass officer comes here are they likely to say i cant see my son still as i have been cut too supported contact due too a drink drive charge that happened 10 months ago .

Jus worried that this caffcass report will ruin any firther hopes of seeing my son ?

Any help

You will be ok bro. Stay child focused , even if you lived in a tree house it should not effect you as being a great parent .

However that said. There are some appalling practices/ reports being delivered by Cafcass.

Pls take notes on what was said and the context it had been said .as the reports tend to start on f and finish at C.

At the first hearing did anything pop up on the Safeguarding letter Cafcass undertook ?

Chin up as its at the infant stage of the proceeding.
Keep a record of everything as it can be useful later on in the proceeding
Yes my ex made accusations of me being drunk all the time an strangling her -
I have to do a hair alcohol test which i know will prove im no alcoholic -
Also said that i never bothered to do anything for my son -
Just wondering wat the caffcass officer will say to the courts cus if my ex gets wind i live in a cabin at the bottom of a garden then she will no doubt use that against me as well .
Been told im
Not allowed to even approach my boy if i see him in public - it was me who took her to court for access as i was only seeing him every now an then unseprvised now cus she was takwn to court she is statin supervised contact - such a joke this judicial system dis not even listen to me
Yes the system is a mess . I been there and fought through it being a resident dad and then have both court and cafcass make serious blunders that resulted in me making and appeal which was won and now have a re trial.
Have a good look at the welfare check list. Cafcass tend to forget to follow it and be child focused.
I work in safeguarding and Children services. I made sure that every inaccuracies in the report was highlighted.
If you need a few bullet points re welfare check list feel free to inbox me.
The main thing is that you maintain regular contact regardless if u live in a shoe box or in a mansion. Its about maintaining what is in the best interest of the child and insuring that both parents are apart of the childs life if it is safe to do so.

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