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2nd contact session today
I have just got back from my 2nd contact session in the contact centre and tbh i dont think it in my daughters best interests doing it there. I think she would be a lot better off at my home but the mother continues to want to put her through this. 

My daughter was crying when they bought her to me. She was given her toy remote to help but was not interested in that. She settled pretty quickly after that though and wanted to investigate the toys in the room. I again took some chocolate buttons and a drink for her as the mother again provided nothing. This is because she does not want me to do anything with her and if she needs anything she wants her to be taken back to her. 

Anyway everything was fine for an hour and half or so but other children and people were starting to arrive and she wanted to be nosy and play with the other kids, she could also hear the workers down the corridor and wanted to go see them but i was not allowed to take her and the kids can not play together. So she was crying because she couldnt do what she wanted and she was beginning to get tired. 

The workers again came in asking if she was ok and just wanted to take her back to mom. I again explained the problem, she could her other people and wanted to go to them, she didnt want to stay in the room on her own and wanted to go see and that she was tired but mom had not given me a dummy or blanket that she would usually sleep with. They said they would speak to mom. The whole system says it is doing the best for the children but all they do is run back to mom asking for her permission about anything. 

So we ended up cutting contact short by 20 minutes as i agreed that she was tired and it would not be good to just drag it out for the sake of it. On leaving i found out that mom had asked if she was ok early on as she was crying when she left her. The worker said we came and checked on you and you were playing with her and she was fine. But they said at the end mom had come down and said she had been crying for 20 minutes and she wanted her back now. 

As i said i agreed but this is starting to get annoying and get me down as i believe this is really not the best way to be dealing with this at all. I understand its a strange place and she is not used to it, she doesnt know me really but that doesnt seem to be the problem. I think she would be much better off doing it at home. Next week im going to take everything she may need, i will get her all her own stuff if the mom is not going to provide anything.  Sad
shes putting you thro this to punish you,, thats my guess,, because she can), same as me, and ive got 6 more months , of contact center,, not in childs best interest, but,, what can us dads do,, answer nothing,,
Sorry it didn't go so well. What time of day was it? They need naps after lunch/mid afternoon and can be very tired and whingey at that time. Son used to sleep for a good two hours in the afternoon and at nursery they had a time when they all went for a sleep after lunch.

Maybe you could email the contact centre and point out that an x month old usually has naptime early afternoon and it's not the best time for the contact, so could it be organised for mid morning. Shows them you know what's what!

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