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Delayed Scott Schedule!
So my ex produced an extensive list of allegations via Scott Schedule which I have responded to and via these responses has brought her credibility into serious question. 

At the FDRAH my ex's Solicitor requested a 3 week extension as they wanted to make amendments to the Scott Schedule.
Bear in mind, now they have had visibility of my responses they know their case is weak.

They got the extension of 3 weeks to provide an amended Scott Schedule but have failed to meet the submission date.
They have now applied for ANOTHER 3 weeks extension! Is this even allowed? They're completely taking the piss.

Surely this is totally unfair now they are aware of what I am going to say in response to the initial allegations!
Clearly it is allowed. Do you have a solicitor?
Surely if youve got a copy of the initial allegations then this can be compared to the updated one in court to show they are trying it on. Sounds like an open and shut case. Maybe her solicitor is taking her for a ride.
It does sound like Solicitor tactics to delay and find some new allegations that will stick. I think you need legal advice also, to find out whether you can object to the court on this. Or it could be as simple as the Solicitors not getting things done in time (they are great at delaying so a kick up the backside could help if there is a way you can find to legally do it). Although sometimes on here people advise just being patient and playing the game.
Yes I have legal advice. I've been advised to oppose any further submissions.
The hearing is not for another couple of months which is their reasoning for wanting to make additions.

What I find beyond unfair, is upon my reciept of the initial Scott Schedule I've shown my cards.
They've seen my cards, realized they will lose the case and are essentially trying to make a new case.

I can only compare this to Manchester United going into the referees changing room at half-time to complain they are losing 2-0 and asking if they can play the game again next week. This is surely not a fair trial!!!?
Little bit of a win... Judge has commented "It is not satisfactory for any party to fail to adhere to the timescale set by the Court,there will be no change to the timescale without consideration of the court following an application with evidence in support."

Still yet to see an amended Scott Schedule or application to court for more time!!
That sounds good! Although has me worried now as have missed deadline for my statement submission! Frantically getting it sorted.
(02-14-2018, 11:41 AM)Charlie7000 Wrote: That sounds good! Although has me worried now as have missed deadline for my statement submission! Frantically getting it sorted.

To an extent that's different. They've had sight of my initial response to the Scott Schedule and I believe because it essentially ends their case against me, they've realized that which is why they requested more time - to essentially engineer a new case against me. We are certainly in the midst of what I believe is an unfair trial now.

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