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No contact since 2011

I have had no contact with my son since 2011, I had previously a court order granting me access that ended in the January of 2011 everything was ok for around 8 months, however contact again broke down due to me and his mother the particulars of which I am unable to remember. I last spoke to him on the telephone in September of 2012. No contact since then.

I have no social media access to his mother or him to try and contact I have no address or phone numbers, and highly doubt I could afford solicitors fees. I pay almost 250 a month in child maintenance.

I have no idea what to do has any body any advice. I did try to contact his mum in early 2013 and got no response. What steps or route could I try?

Thanks in advance
No idea. But you need to find her somehow. Perhaps ask the local authority saying you want to find out what school he goes to? You still have parental responsibility so you have a say in that.

I am not sure what the courts will decide though in such a case. May be they would grant you short visitation to start with with a view to build on that.

Somebody with similar experience might give you some helpful hints.
You could try searching the electoral roll for your ex or members of her family.
I found ex's new address by using a tracing company. It cost me £75 but they do a cheaper service for about £35. The only difference is how quickly you want the results - 24 hours or a week eg. It was actually an article on this site that suggested using a tracing company to find someone's address. These companies have access to a lot of records - I assume things like rental details, bank details, social security number etc, and that's how they find them. The more info you can give about previous addresses,the easier it is for them. I used this one:

Click on Trace Request in the left blue column and fill in the form. I was well pleased!

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